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4 Apparels That Can Be Combined With Flannel This Year without Looking Sloppy!

Flannels are essentially for the fall and winter- is a myth that has been conveniently broken by the fashion enthusiasts. Flannel shirts are that fashion piece that can now be worn all year long with the equal panache. With the days of grey sky getting over to welcome the sun, flannel shirts are in fashion this year for the spring and summer trends. They are comfortable to wear and provocatively stylish in their approach. A rustic clothing piece with a long history that is casual but cute is what sums up the true meaning of plaid flannel. They blend well with other garments but with some, they just look brilliant. Hence, here is a comprehensive list that highlights four such clothes which amalgamates well with any flannel shirt. Read on to find more.

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Make a Statement with the Slogan Tee

This is a classic flannel shirt and casual tee combination that is sophisticated yet sexy in its appearance. All you need to do is wear a bold slogan tee under a flannel shirt and team it with a pair of slim fit jeans. You can opt for a pair of white sneakers or ankle boots depending on your mood. While the sneakers are perfect for a more informal setting, a boot can work well for any smart casual occasion. A leather backpack to accommodate all your belongings and a square sunglass can be great picks in the accessory department.

Layer It Up For the Windy Morning

Well, honestly the winter is still here. And while we wait eagerly for the spring to come, there is no harm in layering the flannel shirt for a stand out winter look. Combine a black plaid shirt with a pair of slim fit denims in the darker shades and ankle length boots. This ensemble is flawless for almost any casual outing with friends. A sleek leather jacket in black worn over the outfit will only add volumes to it. A scarf can be a great pick for accoutrements. It is minimal nut the effect is definitely maximum. An all-black look can never go wrong and you are bound to look effortless. You can get a vast range of wholesale plaid flannel shirts from reputed manufacturers.

A Skater Skirt for Refined Silhouette

There is no challenging the fact that tartan plaid flannel shirt is masculine in its approach and finish. Well, it was originally designed for the outdoor workers in 16th century Scotland. So make it appear a little feminine, you can team it with a skater skirt. A word of caution, albeit the combination is chic to say the least, make sure to opt for a lighter shade in the skirt if the shirt comes in darker tones or vice versa. This will highlight both the fashion pieces individually. You can complete the look with a pair of ankle length boots. A pair of fish net stockings can be used to further accentuate the look depending on your mood. Go sans the accessories for a well-defined appearance.

 A Summer Dress for the Warmer Days

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees…” she appeared in a summer dress and a flannel shirt! The perfect combination for any summer day, it is classically comfortable and defiantly stylish. A summer dress in conventional solid colours, remember minus the prints and patterns, when teamed with a flannel shirt in darker shades looks ethereal. A pair of sneakers can give the coupling a great support as a secondary character. A sling bag for the bling, dark lips for a defined statement, and a smile to impress, you are set to get complimented by everyone around you.

Wholesale plaid shirts are available with a number of manufacturers who have designed them keeping in mind the latest trends. If you are a retailer looking to revamp your store collection for the approaching summers, then make a bulk purchase today with striking discounts available on them.