The Wild, Wild Story of the Power Pact 80s Fashion

1980s was a fun time, at least when it came to fashion aspects. Continuing the casual sung fitting clothing trend from its predeceasing era, this period was full of power clothing and interesting fashion choices. With a massive boom to the economy, the fashion front too saw an excess in the types of garments that were worn by the masses. In fact, sports inspired clothes and active wears became staple for the hunks. Now if a man was not wearing a pair of sweatpants or sneakers, then he was spotted in sleek denim jackets, polo t-shirts or straight cut jean.

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The society’s pristine attitude of dressing powerfully was reflected in the bold colours and broad shoulder cuts. The suspenders too seemed inspired by the confidence which was finding its roots in the men. Expensive and garish clothing became symbolic of a person’s social standing and authority. Suits came in neutral shades and were tapered much in a way that is worn today.

Moreover, if the businessmen were all about power-clothing, then the youngsters of this era introduced the world to a whole new set of fashion trends. They made preppy-casual popular. So, here is presenting a list that highlights the clothes that came to limelight and became timeless thereafter.

Say Hello To Polo!

Polo t-shirts were loved by the classy and preppies alike, especially the ones that came in slim fit and simple logos on the chest. While emblazoned patterns and prints were having the time of their life, men preferred this one fashion clothing in sober and subtle colours. Solid palette of pink, green and white were extremely common. Some could also be spotted dawning smart stripes, mostly vertical though. They looked ridiculously handsome and charming on the men wearing it. Wholesale polo shirts manufacturers have devised a line that is inspired by the happy decade.

Cardigans Are For the Both Gender

The 80s men proved it that cardigans are a piece of clothing that can be worn by both the genders. In fact no self-respecting man would go out without wearing a button down knitted cardigan. Whether solid or patterned, they looked classy and gentle even at the primary level. Men would wear them for almost all occasions that took place during the colder months of the year. From crisp business men to funky youngsters, these were the favourite for a long period of time.

Welcome The King Of Jackets: Bomber

The idea of casual wear in this period was directly proportional to a hippie kind of appearance. Thus, the inception of leather bomber jackets as a variation to the classic leather jackets was very well received by the male masses. Also, bombers were considered to be more utilitarian than any other jacket that existed. Their ability to protect one from the strong winds during winter made them stand out. Moreover, the snug fit that they came in made them more polished and fine to look at.   Pairing them with acid washed jeans and a casual slogan tee was considered spontaneous and natural at that time.

Sports Inspired Clothes For The Go

Not all 80s clothes were inspired by the flashy world of entertainment. Some were seriously designed taking motivation from the sportsmen and athlete. It was rather considered sexy for the men to be associated with some kind of sports. Tracksuits and sweatpants were popular amongst the men and worn regularly for daily use and well outside the gym. Matching jackets and pants devised for workout worn often worn to dates, movies and hanging out with friends. Talk about the athleisure trend being new!

Oh Yes The Tartan Plaid!

We all know that tartan plaid flannel has been around for over more than four centuries now. But they before this era began, they were strictly considered to be a rough piece of clothing highly associated with the farmers and outdoor workers. Sweaters and shirts in this nifty pattern became widespread and accepted by the men. They lend a well-groomed look to the one wearing them, hence adding to the demure altogether.

The era of 80s has given a lot of memorable things and the world of fashion is thankful for their spectacular contribution. True that some garments were hideous enough to fade in the pages of history, some remained with us forever, original or transformed. With a number of polo wholesale distributors having assembled the latest 80s style fashion products, if you are a retailer looking to update your collection, then purchase them in bulk while securing great discounts.

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