5 Times Blake Lively Gave Fashion Goals To All Moms-To-Be!

We all know and remember Blake Lively as one of the ‘Gossip Girls’. And then she appeared in a number of romantic comedies and a superhero movie (remember Green Lantern!). Then she finally got married to her co-star Ryan Reynolds *sigh*. She is pretty and she is witty. She is known for being a great actor but it is actually her outings in various occasions wearing a number of praise-worthy clothes, her panache, which has made her a darling. Fashionistas love her for the ‘The Age of Adaline” actress definitely knows how to turn the heat up. From wholesale maternity t shirts to fashionable dresses, she tried all and with a statement that is definitely worth drawing motivation from.

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It was when Blake was pregnant with her first daughter James that we got a proper glimpse at her to-die-for wardrobe. She was completely chic and never backed from experimenting clothes. It was she in fact who inspired all expecting mothers to up their game. She smartly combined the street style with classy maternity apparels and created the best clothes possible. Even during her second pregnancy, she was unstoppable. So today, here is presenting a list that highlights the five times when Blake Lively was at the epitome of fashion and impressed the buffs with her maternity vogue.

  • She went to a launch party in the day wearing a floral dress with a plunging neckline that carefully emphasized her baby bump while adding to her sex appeal. The strappy pair of heels in blue and the crochet embroidered clutch added to the simple yet effective dress.
  • Blake went to attend the premiere of a movie in New York wearing a blue mini dress adorned with pink flowers that made her look adorable. The plunging neckline showed off the perfect amount of skin. She completed the look with a pair of pink ankle-strapped pumps. A modest diamond earring and a bracelet were her choice of accessories for the day. She definitely showed women how to be classy and elegant even when expecting.
  • Not once throughout her both pregnancies did Blake fail to impress the lot of us with her clothing choices. She stepped out on the streets wearing a printed mid-length dress that was complemented by the studded pumps. For accoutrements, she chose hoop earrings and a cross body sling bag, which added to her overall stylish approach.
  • If Lively owned the morning get up then you should take a look at her evening ensemble. Proudly highlighting her bump, she wore a body con dress in black with embellishments on the side. A pair of strappy heels and earrings just complemented the entire outfit making her look ethereal.
  • Blake lively proved it time and again that it is all about being confident. So she stepped out of the hotel and onto the streets of New York wearing a navy blue mini dress that flaunted her sexy legs. A pair of embellished heels and a golden clutch accompanied her clothes, making her look spectacular. She also debuted her new perm which was appreciated by fashion enthusiasts all over the world.

So, ladies who are expecting, make this phase of life even more memorable by trying out some Blake Lively fashion. Prominent manufacturers have gathered a vast inventory of garments that is primarily designed to keep the moms-to-be comfortable. Featuring wholesale maternity shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets and many more, retailers can buy them in bulk and make a stunning addition to their store collection.