How Men Can Dress A Shirt For 3 Different Occasions To Look Like A Winner!

Shirts are a versatile piece of clothing to begin with. It was somewhere around 3000BC when the first shirt was crafted from linen for an Egyptian mummy. Introduced to the world as an undergarment for men, shirts were viewed as humble clothing that was particularly worn by the shepherds, workers and farmers till the eighteenth century. It was only in the nineteenth century that shirts became popular with the masses. With time, they evolved as an independent fashion piece and came in different styles and designs, which were categorized according to the social strata. However, the recognition of shirts has come a long way with fashion enthusiasts incorporating their ideas. Shirts, as pointed out earlier, have a very versatile approach which helps blend with almost all outfits and in all occasions. So, highlighting three such occasions, here is a list that speaks of the ways in which men should dress a shirt appropriately to look effortless.

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The first date!

First dates are exciting! And they are all about impressing! The key is to look casual and spontaneous. It is all about not trying too hard but dressing up enough to get noticed by the person on the other end of the table. Wearing a solid shirt in lighter shades with a pair of jeans will perfectly sum up the smart-casual dress code for the evening. To look trendy yet nifty, wear a pair of funky sneakers. A sleek leather jacket can be a great pick for it will accentuate your look altogether. Wholesale shirt manufacturers have gathered a vast range of shirts to help you make a distinct impression on the first date.

The Friday night extravaganza!

When going out with friends, it is all about being flamboyant. So if and when you are planning to hit the club or just sip on a drink or few in your favorite bar, a casual shirt will work just well. Untucked shirt worn with a pair of jeans can be a great combination for this occasion. You can opt for bright and vibrant colors. Textures and patterns of various kinds will only add to the look. However, avoid overdoing your approach for it might make you look flashy. To look classy, stick to a pair of loafers or sneakers depending on your mood. For a stylish appearance, make sure to stick to your stubble for it is going to make you look like a stand out.

Office, office!

Sticking to a more formal style which screams of a sombre personality is what the dress code for office should be. Hence, the shirt you pick for the weekdays should be extremely classy in its approach. A button down shirt for the occasion that comes in sober colors, minus the quirky patterns should be a great pick. Darker shades matched with lighter hues for the bottom wear should create a great illusion for the onlookers. You can team your shirt with a pair of chinos and oxford shoes. A blazer will layer your outfit perfectly if you feel the chill. A messenger bag and a square sunglass will help you impress your colleagues.

So whatever may the occasion be, just make sure to dress appropriately. The last few years have seen a variety of designs hit the market. The subtle line that divided the formal shirts from casuals, have finally disappeared. Keeping this in mind, bulk wholesale clothing suppliers have arranged an exclusive series of shirts that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk to secure attractive discounts.


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