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10 Style Tips To Rock The Flannel Shirt Look

Wearing of flannel shirts is associated with outdoor activities owing to their insulating qualities. They are extremely stylish and gorgeous, and make a perfect pick for the colder months of the year. It has become a staple among the fashion buffs and is preferred by the mass alike. They are versatile and can be worn in a million ways. However, you want to overdo your plaid flannel look as they have a strong character of their own and can potentially ruin your presence. Thus, here is a list of 10 guidelines that can help you dawn a flannel shirt effortlessly.

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A tried and tested look, you can wear your flannel shirt over a pair of slim fit jeans and knee length boots for a cute casual appearance. You can tuck in the shirt and accessorise with a colourful belt for a well-defined look.

Combine your flannel shirt with a knitted scarf and beanie to protect you from the chilly winds. Pair with a ripped jeans and gladiator heels to stand out in the crowd.

To add a touch of fun to your look, team your flannel shirt with tights and ankle length boots. Slip into a fur jacket and let the ensemble work its charm in any casual gathering you attend.

Wear your plaid shirt as a cardigan over a casual graphic tee or a jersey. A pair of slim fit jeans and sneakers can make you ready as a spectator for a football match.

You can opt to show some skin by tucking in the tartan shirt with a skater skirt. Add bling to your look with a chunky neckpiece and garner compliments by wearing ballerina on your feet.

You can impress everyone at an official meeting by wearing your plaid shirt with formal trousers and a vibrant jacket. Carry an oversized bag and aviators for a definitive appearance.

Add layer to your flannel look by wearing it with tailored jeans and sleeveless quilted jacket. Wear a pair of pointed boots to look chic and graceful at any casual gathering.

For a simple yet classy look, wear your plaid shirt under a solid sweater that will keep you comfortable when the temperature drops. Slip into a pair of jeans and knee length boots that will render you ready for an evening get together.

Experiment with your fall look by wearing a classy summer dress with a flannel shirt. Finish the ensemble by combining it with a pair of ankle length boots and fish net stocking. Accessorise using an oversized satchel and a beanie for the perfect day look.

Give off the 90s vibe by tying your flannel shirt around the waist when wearing a skater dress or a flared dress. Pair it with funky sneakers and wear a choker to carry off this quirky style.

So be it your friend’s birthday party or a coffee date with your significant other, flannel shirts manufacturers have accumulated a wide range of these products in an array of shades that will surely add to your delight.

If you are a retailer looking for a store update, then you can purchase wholesale mens flannel shirts and women’s shirts available with attractive discounts that will surely leave your customer impressed.

How to Style Your Dress Shirt for 4 Different Occasions

Shirts are classically elegant and original. The versatility offered by this piece of clothing is immense, making it perfect for almost all occasions. dress shirts is one of the types which come with a collar and full length opening that can be closed using buttons. These shirts are formal in their approach and usually worn with a tie for evening gatherings.

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The dress shirts offer good fit and lend a sculpted look to the person wearing it. During the 1800s, they were typically worn for special occasions by men, however, over the years; they have undergone significant changes, eventually making a special place in the wardrobes of fashion conscious men. They can now be juxtaposed with a variety of garments for a wide number of occasions. They can be summarized as follows.

For a casual look

When going out for a cup of coffee with your friends or making those weekly errand runs, you can choose to wear these elegantly designed dress shirts with a pair of knee length shorts coupled with funky sneakers. A hoodie can protect you from the wrath of chilly winds. A smart wristwatch and a shiny belt can give you a definitive appearance that will surely make you stand out.

For the meeting

If you are looking to impress your colleagues with your taste in fashion, then wholesale dress shirts suppliers have granted you a wish as they have brought to you the latest designed clothes. Wear them under a striking suit or combine them with a pair of formal trousers for the maximum impact. Carry the ensemble with panache as you accessories it with mirror sunglasses and a tie to look paramount at your meeting.

For that starry night out

Going out for a party where you want to make a glamorous entrance? Then this intricately designed dress shirts will be the perfect pick. You can team your shirt with a pair of slim fit jeans and boots to look fetching and appealing. Throw over a sleek leather jacket that will add volumes to your character. Complete the look with a long scarf and chunky belt to make a distinctive appearance.

For the classic dinner gathering

With Thanksgiving here, this is the time to take out all your fine clothing for the grand dinner celebration. Team your dress shirt with a pair of tailored chinos to look sculpted and in shape. You can further opt for a leather dinner shoe for footwear. Accessories using a fine looking blazer or lustrous jacket and a tie in contrasting colour and shine at the congress ion.

This all-rounder piece of clothing will be a great addition to the collection. If you are a business retailer then you can buy mens designer dress shirts wholesale online from renowned suppliers today that are sure to revamp your store collection. They come with striking discounts that make them worth the investment.

The Three Categories Of Mens Long Sleeved T Shirts To Bank On This Season

It is time to ditch the old school half sleeve tees, and try something different for the mild winters. Men have the idea that the fashion world is a limited sphere for them, and they do not get to explore much, unlike girls.  But if you are wondering to change your casual style stance , then it is high time you should replace the usual tees with the mens long sleeved t shirts, which are absolutely smart and dapper and help the fashionable men to look different and interesting.

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With the change of tees, you will also notice the change in your attitude, helping you to feel good about yourself. These tees come in a wide range of colors, prints, styles, and designs, reflecting the smartest silhouettes.

Here are some of the designs of long sleeve tees, ruling the fashion market.

Crazy and jazzy prints

For the parties, shopping sprees, the airport fashion statements, you can get hold of the printed and patterned full sleeve tees.  These tees come in a medley of prints and motifs, from the florals, to tribals, the conventional stripes, and checks and much more, the printed full sleeved tees can be worn with or without layering, and they are full of colors, channelizing vibrancy.  Deck up in them with shorts, or even dungarees to look funky and preppy, something different amongst the usual silhouettes you try every day.

The plainer

Wondering how the plain tees add stylish demeanor to your closet? They are subdued, soothing and simple, and come in an array of necklines,   from polos, to Henley to crew, and much more. Be it the raglan sleeve tee, the bellfield long sleeve tee, or some other cuts , these are perfect to solve your layering woes, Wear them with suits , jackets , denim shirts , plaid shirts and much more to  look dashing and dapper.

Fresh and innovative

From the polo long sleeve t-shirts, to the button down full sleeve tees, you will get to explore a lot of different and innovative styles in the online stores, crafted by the leading t-shirt manufacturing brands, These tees are very fresh, and great to style with the distorted denims, the shorts or printed bermudas at the beach outings and pool parties.

Something funky

Get into the rapper’s funky silhouette, as you deck up in the long sleeve hooded t-shirt style essence. The hooded tees are very offbeat, and can replace your everyday sweatshirts at the gym or for weekend errands. They come in neutral shades, and also in the preppy neons to help you get the cutting-edge exquisite appeals.

Thus, it is time to invest into some wardrobe makeover, and splurge on the medley of full sleeve long tees available in the market today.

4 Excellent Style Tips with Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirts That Will Work for You!

With the winter season around the corner, everyone is busy buying warm clothes. Gone are the days when winter meant covering yourself inside baggy clothes. With new outfits coming into the market, looking stylish in winter is possible. Say good bye to your old sweaters and cardigans and welcome the new trend with long sleeve hooded t-shirts.

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This season, retailers must also get hold of stylish long sleeve hooded t shirt wholesale that will take their business to a new height. So, if you want to look stylish this winter, here are 4 excellent tips for you.

1) Look For Colourful Options:

Winter is grey and boring but you cannot let it get the better of you, right? Therefore, choose colourful long sleeve hooded t-shirts that will add more vibrancy to your appearance. Stripes, checks and various other patterns are available with the hooded t-shirts that you can simply opt for to rev up your shabby winter days. Not only prints, if you like monochromatic look, then too you will have a lot of options.

2) Pair Up Your Hooded T-Shirts With Track Pants:

Track pants are ideal for winter. Along with warmth, the track pants offer a casual chic and you can slip into it anytime you want. Although track pants aren’t suitable for formal outings, you can simply wear them while running or going to grocery shopping. So, have you bought long sleeve hooded t-shirts this winter? Then it can ideally complement the track pants offering you better coverage and style.

3) Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirts Can Go With Denims:

No doubt that the long sleeve hooded t-shirts are versatile and hardly any other winter wear can beat it. Apart from track pants, the long sleeve hooded t-shirts can go very well with the denim pants. Rugged or plain, denims can really appeal to the eyes when paired up with these stylish hooded t-shirts.You can slip into a pair of denim along with the hooded t-shirt when you are going around with you friends.

4) Chest Open Vests With Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirts:

If you want to accessorize your long sleeve hooded t-shirt, nothing can be a better option than the button down vests. Wear it over your hooded t-shirt and you can flaunt a new style without worrying about the wintry wind.

Due to the high demand, the retailers are also investing on the long sleeve hooded t shirt wholesale and bringing them into their collection. If you are in retail business, get in touch with the top manufacturers and get hold of this latest design full-sleeve tees.

What Are The New Evolutions That Solved Typical Problems With Flannel Shirts?

Flannel, once treated as the blessing of God, has made a permanent place in the world of fashion garments. With the evolution of different designs of flannel clothes, option are myriad when you want to buy this typical tartan outfits. Whether it is a flannel shirts or a dress, there are some typical problems associated with this fabric.

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Although flannel can be immensely comfortable during winter, you have to abandon these super casual clothes in summer months. So unfair, isn’t it? However, the experts are taking these drawbacks of flannel in consideration and coming up with new versions which are more compatible for all seasons. Check out what changes are coming with the flannel shirts in bulk.


Flannel shirts can shrink after a wash or two which might be quite uncomfortable for some people. With shrinkage, the size will also become smaller and you will not fit into it anymore. This is why, the modern flannel clothes manufacturers are using special shrink resistant cotton and polyester blend which can make flannel more utilitarian. Earlier, flannel was made of pure wool which was prone to excessive shrinkage. But the modern flannel shirts wholesale distributors are offering higher quality flannel that will prevent shrinking.


Pilling refers to those little balls of wool that accumulate on the surface of flannel clothes or blankets. It mainly occurs due to friction or hot water washes. Flannel clothes are prone to pilling which can wear your clothes out very easily. However, the modern technology has made it possible to make flannel shirts free of pilling. Nowadays, flannel shirt makers are using advance systems to create flannel that will last much longer than the previous ones.

Too Much Warmth:

When you think of flannel, the picture of winter also comes along in your mind, doesn’t it? Flannel offer warmth and hence are best to wear in winter. Retailers also add flannel shirts in bulk to their assortments before winter arrives. But, a fashion staple like flannel should not be only compatible one season, right? In countries where winter is shorts, people can hardly enjoy flannel clothes. To lash out this problem, the clothes makers have found out a new way blending cotton and polyester that will make flannel more comfortable as well as compatible for the warmer months. While you can stick to the tradition flannel clothes in winter, you can try out the blended one during the other seasons.

The Best Style Tips to Look Stylish In Maternity Shirts, T-Shirts and Other Outfits

Getting pregnant is the best time of a woman’s life, and it can get very confusing when it comes to fashion and styling.  If you are pregnant for the first time, the world of maternity clothes becomes like a world of mystery, and managing the baby bump is a headache. But with the fashion scene making pretty fast advancement , women are still getting the right style quotients to dazzle in the maternity clothes, and the leading manufacturers and designers are crafting the right  stocks of wholesale maternity t -shirts, dresses, jeans and a lot more for the fusion of style and comfort imparted to the would be mothers.

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Bodies go through a lot of changes during pregnancy, and hence your style needs also alter. From the tight fitted clothes, to feeling better in loose ones, from the change of fabrics, to accessories, pregnancy completely alters the fashion instances. Thus, to help your task of looking good easier during pregnancy, we have got you the following style tricks and tips.

Designer Jeans

Taking the plunge and investing in denim pants can be the fashion solution at this time.  Instead of feeling frumpy, the maternity jeans crafted by the different wholesale hubs and designers are very stylish and uber cool, adding to your comfort level.  Without making you feel sloppy and sluggish, these denim pants are very chic, and come with the right line and length to give the best it and toned silhouette.

The Layered Look

When you are carrying the little one, your body temperature can drop, and while going out, always make sure to carry a layering piece.  For this , use your regular blazers , jackets ,denim outerwear’s , or the coats , to add warmth , coziness and a lot of funk to the personas, These are the best style stances which can toss you up with a lot of poise and convenience.

The Fitness Wear

From the stretchy yoga pants, to zip up hoodies, comfortable sport bras and the fitness maternity tees, you need to be careful about what you are wearing for the workout or yoga sessions. If you are not relaxed wearing them, you can become very uncomfortable, and fail to get the freedom of movement causing loopholes in working out properly.

Your Partner’s Clothes

From the roomy button down shirts, boxy tees, boxers are great to move around in the house, wearing them with relaxing vibes.  Also, the warm and cozy, smooth and soft flannel shirts can help you to get the best on-duty looks with skirts or trousers for meetings and social events at office.

A-Line Shirts and Dresses

The A-line empire waist shirts and dresses are perfect when it comes to maternity styling.  They flow away from the tummy, and add a stylish stance to the bulging belly.  Having the seam right under the bust, so that you get extra room and freedom to move ad stretch freely.  Thus, make sure to bank on the A-line tops, shirts and dresses in galore.

Feminine Shirts

Pregnancy demands comfortable clothes, and is a great time to notch up the feminine style.  Make sure to add the ruffled shirts, or floral wholesale maternity shirts or the girly colored ones to your wardrobe, and other ones with longer hemlines in the front to give you the right demeanor.

The Best Clothing Counterparts and Accessories to Go With Denim Shirt

When it comes to the list of classic pieces which we own, the vintage denim shirt will be your favourite. It is a clothing piece which will never fade out of the global fashion scene , and remain to embrace you forever  with the most happening fashion statements , be it fiercely feminine, highly class, or casually funky.   This basic piece of clothing is a wonderful wardrobe staple, and wraps you up in a medley of style definitions, and being highly timeless, it can notch up your persona double the meter.  There was once a time when these stylized formal denim shirts or the casual ones could only be topped with the pants, but with the changes in the fashion scene, today they can be teamed with a variety of accessories and clothing counterparts to get the best ensemble options.

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When it comes to getting decked up for any occasion, you need to be very careful about the type of silhouette you would want. Here are some of the style ideas to look absolutely dapper in the denim shirts, and reflecting the best style stances with uniqueness.

Stripes and denim jackets blend well

When it comes to having the best look for somewhere casual, you can top up the striped tee with a cropped denim shirt, and pair this up with a white denim or chino pant. This can sound and look very drab and banal, and to add a color pop, a bright colored purse, or a dark colored shoe can be accompanied with.

Ombre skirt shenanigans

You can balance out the length of the long maxi skirt in pastel ombre shade, and top this with a denim shirt, leaving the last few buttons unbuttoned, tying it in a knot at the bottom.  This can be the perfect look for the music concerts, or the casual outings with friends.

The romper magic

Are you tired of wearing the denim shirts with the shorts, but still want to get some skin show?  Then layer the bright printed romper, and team this with the denim shirt in light shade, and look absolutely rock chic for any movie date, or while traveling, sporting the best airport fad.

The accessory nuances

When it comes to jazzing up a simple denim shirt, you can add the collar neckpiece to it and get a very classy, and elegant look. The collar neckpiece or may be the choker will add a retro vibe to your look, and you can deliver a very haute couture appeal, teamed with denim pants, trousers, or skirts and dresses.

Casually careless

Look highly casual and laid back for the weekend errands, as you top the sweatshirt on a denim shirt, with the collars peeping out. This is a smart take on careless style stance, but looks extremely funky and peppy, when worn with the right attitude and confidence.

Off duty modish vibes

Get the perfect modish vibes in off-duty style, as you rock the oversized denim shirt over the leather legging, and carry a very sophisticated and graceful persona. Add the stilettoes, and strut in style for any parties or night out fun.

Wrap it up

The printed pant with a single colored tee can look updated and voguish, as you wrap up the wholesale denim shirt around your waist, and look very dashing, with panache and flair.