What Are The New Evolutions That Solved Typical Problems With Flannel Shirts?

Flannel, once treated as the blessing of God, has made a permanent place in the world of fashion garments. With the evolution of different designs of flannel clothes, option are myriad when you want to buy this typical tartan outfits. Whether it is a flannel shirts or a dress, there are some typical problems associated with this fabric.

flannel shirts in bulk

Although flannel can be immensely comfortable during winter, you have to abandon these super casual clothes in summer months. So unfair, isn’t it? However, the experts are taking these drawbacks of flannel in consideration and coming up with new versions which are more compatible for all seasons. Check out what changes are coming with the flannel shirts in bulk.


Flannel shirts can shrink after a wash or two which might be quite uncomfortable for some people. With shrinkage, the size will also become smaller and you will not fit into it anymore. This is why, the modern flannel clothes manufacturers are using special shrink resistant cotton and polyester blend which can make flannel more utilitarian. Earlier, flannel was made of pure wool which was prone to excessive shrinkage. But the modern flannel shirts wholesale distributors are offering higher quality flannel that will prevent shrinking.


Pilling refers to those little balls of wool that accumulate on the surface of flannel clothes or blankets. It mainly occurs due to friction or hot water washes. Flannel clothes are prone to pilling which can wear your clothes out very easily. However, the modern technology has made it possible to make flannel shirts free of pilling. Nowadays, flannel shirt makers are using advance systems to create flannel that will last much longer than the previous ones.

Too Much Warmth:

When you think of flannel, the picture of winter also comes along in your mind, doesn’t it? Flannel offer warmth and hence are best to wear in winter. Retailers also add flannel shirts in bulk to their assortments before winter arrives. But, a fashion staple like flannel should not be only compatible one season, right? In countries where winter is shorts, people can hardly enjoy flannel clothes. To lash out this problem, the clothes makers have found out a new way blending cotton and polyester that will make flannel more comfortable as well as compatible for the warmer months. While you can stick to the tradition flannel clothes in winter, you can try out the blended one during the other seasons.


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