How to Style Your Dress Shirt for 4 Different Occasions

Shirts are classically elegant and original. The versatility offered by this piece of clothing is immense, making it perfect for almost all occasions. dress shirts is one of the types which come with a collar and full length opening that can be closed using buttons. These shirts are formal in their approach and usually worn with a tie for evening gatherings.

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The dress shirts offer good fit and lend a sculpted look to the person wearing it. During the 1800s, they were typically worn for special occasions by men, however, over the years; they have undergone significant changes, eventually making a special place in the wardrobes of fashion conscious men. They can now be juxtaposed with a variety of garments for a wide number of occasions. They can be summarized as follows.

For a casual look

When going out for a cup of coffee with your friends or making those weekly errand runs, you can choose to wear these elegantly designed dress shirts with a pair of knee length shorts coupled with funky sneakers. A hoodie can protect you from the wrath of chilly winds. A smart wristwatch and a shiny belt can give you a definitive appearance that will surely make you stand out.

For the meeting

If you are looking to impress your colleagues with your taste in fashion, then wholesale dress shirts suppliers have granted you a wish as they have brought to you the latest designed clothes. Wear them under a striking suit or combine them with a pair of formal trousers for the maximum impact. Carry the ensemble with panache as you accessories it with mirror sunglasses and a tie to look paramount at your meeting.

For that starry night out

Going out for a party where you want to make a glamorous entrance? Then this intricately designed dress shirts will be the perfect pick. You can team your shirt with a pair of slim fit jeans and boots to look fetching and appealing. Throw over a sleek leather jacket that will add volumes to your character. Complete the look with a long scarf and chunky belt to make a distinctive appearance.

For the classic dinner gathering

With Thanksgiving here, this is the time to take out all your fine clothing for the grand dinner celebration. Team your dress shirt with a pair of tailored chinos to look sculpted and in shape. You can further opt for a leather dinner shoe for footwear. Accessories using a fine looking blazer or lustrous jacket and a tie in contrasting colour and shine at the congress ion.

This all-rounder piece of clothing will be a great addition to the collection. If you are a business retailer then you can buy mens designer dress shirts wholesale online from renowned suppliers today that are sure to revamp your store collection. They come with striking discounts that make them worth the investment.


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