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Things To Keep In Mind While Going Formal In A Denim Shirt

Denims never go out of fashion, acting as bedrock. When formal sounds boring to you, try slipping into denim shirts. For both men and women, this attire reveals a stylish side of yours, with elegance and charm. To break the monotony of your everyday formal look, try them with ease and comfort. Retailers are sprucing up their stock with regular up gradation in this category. A formal denim shirt can be worn in various ways if certain key factors are kept in mind.

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It is very important to look an eye on the sleeves while going for denim shirts as formal wears. The sleeves should be full, without being extra slim fit or loose. Also, buttons at the end are very important. Men can wear them with trousers and women with skirts or pants. Also, blazers can be used over them.


Spread collars look best with denims formals. Front open collar does not suit a formal event, but can definitely be a part of semi-formal occasions. Make sure the collars are not embellished or embroidered. A collared formal denim shirt adds buoyancy to your look in a business meeting or presentation.


Make sure to have a single pocket in your denim while going for a formal event. Double pockets go with casual or semi-formal wears. Also, pockets should not be appliquéd or patch-worked.


Formals look best with solid single colours. Do not opt for faded hues or prints or patch-works. Make sure they are of dark colours without any intonations or stitching. Keep it simple in shades of blues and blacks.


The best way to wear formal denim is to team it up with blazers. if it is a semi formal event, go for cardigans . Also ensure wearing contracting silk tie to enhance your whole look. Girls can replace tie with scarves ties around the collar.

Every office going person should store more than one formal denim shirt as a part of their closet essential. Look smarter in them with maximum verve and intensity.

Revamp Your Wardrobe with an Array of Women’s Button-Down Shirts

It was until this century that men had complete monopoly over shirts. Now with many women finding feet in the corporate world many fashion designers are experimenting with different styles of shirts for women. As a result now you can have a host of shirts in formal to dressy versions which can make perfect addition to your closet. Here you can take a look at some of them.

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Different forms of shirts to match your different purpose

Unlike men’ shirts which are tailored with perfectly sized cuffs, sleeves and even collars, those of women are designed to accommodate the different shapes of torso. But keeping the growing expectation of women in mind some of the online manufacturers are now offering these stuffs in formal, casual and dressy varieties.


Meant particularly for the office setting, formal shirts come with collars and small cuffs. When comfort is the prime factor for you, choose between linen and cotton which have better breathability and durability than most other fabrics.


Have a brunch to go? Then before you try to set your hands on a sundress, take a note of this point. Shirts are no more limited to formal wear. The ones without collars are perfect to suit your casual mood for the day.


These are generally designed with frills, ruffles and sometimes bows to transform your look from street style to dinner date. For this type the materials used are silk and satin to lend a shiny edge.

Those business owners who specialize in women shirts can contact their reputed wholesale shirts manufacturer online and check out their huge variety.

Some style inspiration to follow

Tuck in style

Heading out for office or Sunday brunch, you can never go wrong with a smart white cotton shirt. Tuck it in your trousers or jeans and brave it with a pair of black stilettos. You can also wear a leather or floral prints jacket over the shirt to maximize your look understanding the needs and occasion.

Around the waist

Whether you feel warm or not, tying a shirt around the waist has become a new fashion trend. Wear a graphic tee and match it up with denim shorts and white sneakers and you are ready for a concert or any casual outing.

Open button style

If you like the cool attitude of the rock band guys, then make it your own with a shirt worn over a solid black or white tee and pair them with ripped jeans. But do not forget to keep the buttons open to strike the perfect note.

Frills and bow style shirts

When you are going out for a special party, then this time make a little exception by choosing a silk shirt with a big stylish bow on the front and wear it with a pencil skirt and high heels. Now choose a chunk statement neckpiece and small studs and rock the look.

Now retailers can find myriads options once they visit the warehouse of a wholesale shirts manufacturer. All they need to do is send their requirements and place their order in bulk.

Flannel Shirts – Fall and Winter Wardrobe Staple

Flannel shirts are a perennial fall favorite, and whether you choose to wear it over a t-shirt or under a sweater, it s perfect for the transition into the cooler months. There is no doubt as to why the contemporary gents fall in love over and over again with this trend – flannel shirts are warm, easy to wear and stylize, extremely comfortable and no washing hassles either. In fact, the more flannels are washed and worn, the softer and smoother it becomes. Retailers running a men’s fashion clothing store ought to stock up on the latest bulk flannel shirts of this season to woo the fashion-forward, suave men.

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Scroll down for some style inspiration as to how to wear these incredibly fashionable shirts to work, bar or to a date.

Look relaxed and casual by simply wearing plaid shirts loosely over a tee and a pair of denims. Finish the look with skate shoes. Make a bold statement with patterns and colors and be able to embrace the eclectic look of the grunge era.

Button up to look your smartest best. Opt for slim-straight jeans and team it up with a trendy jacket or coat.

If you thought plaids are not meant for work, then you are definitely wrong. It can be easily dressed up for office and for formal business meets. Wear it with a pair of chinos and layer it with a chic and elegant sweater. Don’t forget to let the collars peep out. Perfect for a wonderful twist to the classic suited and booted look.

When it is time to impress a really hot girl on a date, then keep it casual yet cool. Wear a funky graphic tee inside and layer it up with a plaid shirt, keep it unbuttoned all the way down. A pair of slim fit jeans and sneakers should be enough to do the trick.

Designers and manufacturers are coming up with different variations of this classic piece of garment in an attempt to sever its ties with lumberjacks. It is no more just for the laborers and workers, but it has made its mark on all walks of life. Not just men, even women have started taking a keen interest in the revival of this fashion trend. Plaid shirts today are available in patterns in sun-faded colors to complement the worn-in-feel of the fabric. Fall and winter season without flannels simply looks incomplete!

Retailers and business owners can buy bulk flannel shirts to save money from leading suppliers.

5 Types of Stylish Maternity Clothes for a Comfortable Wardrobe

Pregnancy is the most exciting time in a woman’s life when she undergoes lots of hormonal changes which results in tiredness and nausea in the first and second trimester. In addition to this the expansion of belly and breasts as well as the stress of carrying extra weight makes her life quite awkward. So in order to prevent this one needs to invest her money in some comfy maternity clothes which are meant to flatter the new shape of her body and which she can start using right from the third month of her pregnancy till post-partum. So if you are currently experiencing this wonderful phase of your life, it is important to know what clothes are good for you. Here is a list of some of the apparels which you can find at the catalogue of your online manufacturer. Take a look!

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Maxi dress

The ankle length floor sweeping maxi dresses are not only comfortable to wear but also apt to keep your style quotient high. Available in different prints such as floral, ikat and Aztec they make for a great wardrobe staple for both before and after child birth. You can accessorize your look with a light neckpiece and danglers and a pair of comfortable flat shoes.

Wrap dress

This is another transitional dress right like the previous type which gives as much comfort during pregnancy as after it. When you are buying this, do not forget to verify the quality of your product. The ones in cotton and linen are mostly preferred for their breathability and sustainability over  the months. You can simply style it with a jacket worn over it which will double as a body warmer to beat the chilly wind of winter.

Loose fitted tee with long sleeves and detachable bra

During pregnancy it is best to wear clothes which will hang loose on your body. So go for over-sized long sleeve tops with detachable bra to avoid the awkward look of your swelling tummy after the third trimester of pregnancy.

Those business owners who want to enlarge their stock with these maternity t-shirts can contact their wholesale maternity clothes manufacturer online.

Stretchable jeans

Towards the last few months of pregnancy you will experience expansion of your tummy. As a result you will not be able to wear your regular jeans. So get yourself some stretchable pair of jeans which sit well on your hips and waist. Now be it a visit to the doctor’s clinic or office you can team them with loose fit tees or shirts.

Stretchy cargo skirt

There are several online manufacturers who provide a host of lightweight and comfortable yet smart and fashionable maternity apparels, including stretchable cargo skirt at affordable prices. So visit them online and choose these skirts in grey and brown colors and match them with any tees.

Since maternity clothes no longer mean the over-sized dresses for women, retailers can refresh their stock by adding them in a generous amount from a trustworthy wholesale maternity clothes supplier.

Do’s and Don’ts of On-trend Plaid Shirts

It’s that time of the year again when you need to stay warm and cozy due to the endless polar vortex that cripples our lives and still look smashing at the same time. The great news is that you do not have to give up fashion for warmth. On-trend flannels are what men need to fill up their closets with if they want to make a style statement every time they walk out of their homes this fall/winter season. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts with plaid shirts if you need to stay warm and look your best for the walk from work to the bar.

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When it comes to going the plaid way, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Get checks that feature a mix of colors like blue and orange, yellow and green and other such bright hues and tones.

Limit your bold pattern in such a way that only one piece will stand out from the entire ensemble. Let the focus just be on that one piece.

You could always accessorize for that extra dash of glamour. You could try maybe a checkered tie or scarf that will also help to keep you cozy and warm.

Make no compromises on the fit. Plaid shirts wholesale should not be too loose and neither should it be too tight. If the fit is not perfect, everything else will fail.

Better to pair up plaids with solid colored pants.

For a basic casual day look, team up your plaid with a solid colored t-shirt inside and a pair of denims.

For winters, go for flannel shirts of darker shades whereas, for summer, pastels will be ideal.


Avoid pairing your plaids with plaids. Make one piece the star of the outfit and allow it to speak for itself.

Do not pair your flannel shirt with bold patterns as it results in confusing the eye and creates a very complicated look.

Flannel shirts tucked in just looks weird. Avoid that look.

Flannel shirts have come a really long way from their association with lumberjacks and grunge bands and is one of the most popular shirts for the contemporary gents today. It is trendy, comfortable and warm, and can be styled in different ways. It can be worn to work, a casual day at the beach or even to impress a date. Clothing retailers can definitely shower some love on the dapper men this season by stocking up on plaid shirts wholesale from leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Here’ S A Chance to Decode the Best Look with Flannel Shirts for This Winter

If the chilly wind of December is not the reason, then stylish appearance should be for buying flannel shirts this winter. From lightweight fit to exceptional comfort to classy look these make for a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Though initially meant for men, they have now been incorporated into women style look book. So in whatever way you want to sport it, there is a plaid shirt for every woman.

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Button-down variety

Of all the variations the most common one is the button down plaid shirts which you can style in quite a number of ways. For instance, the peach and blue ones can be worn over a plain white tee teaming with denim jeans and sneakers for the most comfortable and relaxed look while just knotting the shirt around the waist following temperature lows and highs.

Cross-front open variety

When you are wearing a cross-front open shirt, be sure to either put on a tee under it or tie a scarf around your neck to beat the chill as well as prevent too much exposure of your cleavage.

Those business owners who are interested to introduce the latest trend of cross-front open look, can fill up their stock with them by purchasing them from a reputed wholesale flannels shirts manufacturer.

Floral printed ones

If you think that the trend of wearing floral has left with summer, then it is time to take cues from celebrities who have been currently sporting this print on plaid shirts. So why wait? Get yourself some floral flannel stuffs in color combinations like blue and white, red and black amongst others and pair them with chinos or capris.

Flannel shirts with slits on the shoulder blades

If you have bold and break free on your mind, then a comfy flannel shirt in red, white and grey checks is just what you need with a pair of shorts to make a splash in your friend’s pool party.

Now the rage of wearing flannel shirts can be immensely beneficial for retailers as well as business merchants who want to attract customers and boost sales. All they need to do is visit one of the trustworthy wholesale flannels shirts suppliers and check out their large catalogue before placing their order in bulk.

Your Funny T Shirt Collection Isn’t Funny Enough If Your Don’t Have THESE in Your Stock

If there is anything that the world that is severely lacking these days, it is laughter. And what better way to reverse the stressful impacts of mirthless existence than wearing a bright bold funny t shirt. Whether in words or in pictures, a single glance at these options can brighten up anyone’s day many times over. Not very long ago, a certain t shirt worn by a factory professional in a developing nation read… ‘I don’t need to have s*x, the Government scr*ews me everyday’. Wise, bold, funny and instantly ludicrous, adding slapstick to one’s clothing is more of a necessity these days than option.

If you are a seller of t shirts, you can approach your chosen wholesale funny t shirt providers for these options…

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Laugh at self t shirts – People take themselves too seriously these days. Cracking a laugh at self can be therapeutic at times. Be it about work or love life or anything else for that matter, wearing a joke or two about your handicaps cannot go wrong when it comes to induce smiles on faces. A t shirt of a certain non playing tennis enthusiast read ‘raising a racquet’ with appropriate pictures… dual meaning, funny and applicable.

Wise crack t shirts – There was once a cookie print T shirt that read ‘drop cookies, not bombs’. Wise cracks are loved by people and they are least likely to lose their charm. Having wise crack t shirts can actually enhance your traffic and conversions many times over.

Comic strip t shirts – Super cute, super funny and so much in demand… comic funnies are the best things to have stocked in your shelves. T shirts with popular comic icons like Hagar the Horrible, Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts etc are a welcome relief to sore eyes and mind.

Body type t shirts – These shirts have less to say and more to show. There was once a shapely man in his early fifties who was seen wearing the shape of a bikini clad woman in his t shirt in the middle of a crowded beach in Hawaii. Similarly, a baby in her 11th month was seen dressed boldly in a wrestler’s musculature t shirt. What in the world could be funnier?

Inducing laughter is infectious and the more you work on it, more gleeful things will get! For all you know winning your clients over with a smile is worth every effort.

Top 3 Flannel Shirt Styles For Men In Winter 2015 That You Cannot Go Wrong With

Just because winter is here does not mean you have to hide your love for fashion under layers of deep dark and somber winter coats. Style gurus for men’s fashion have come up with their verdict for fall winter 2015 that clearly states the onslaught of vibrant colors, prints and styles that are assured to bring warmth and glee to all wardrobes. The option that takes the lead is the timeless wool flannel shirts that may never outgrow the interest of any trend conscious man. From work wear to everyday casual wear, these shirts can be slapped on the back for just about any occasion for a look that may never go wrong.

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For those who are still wondering where to start, here are 3 flannel shirt types for winter 2015 that you can consider for a head turning impact…

Classic red and black lumberjack, regular fit – Yes. This is one of the most popular styles of flannel shirts that have been the top priority of millions of men for decades. The good news is, this shirt tends to produce a very different impact on every individual wearer while assuring an impactful appearance on each. This option is perfect when paired with classic blue denims and boots. Topped with a relaxed regular fit, nothing can beat this casual men’s shirt option.

Monochrome wool flannel shirt, slim fit – If you need to wear something super trendy to the office while breaking free from the conventional winter wear options, monochrome wool flannel shirts in slim fit will do the trick. Choosing pastel colors ranging from light green, pink and white to deeper bolder shades of navy blue, charcoal gray and black can create unforgettable impacts on those wearing the shirts and those staring at it.

Two tone checked flannel shirts – Whether in bold checks, classic windowpanes, tatter stall, hound’s tooth or even gingham, two toned flannel shirts especially in muted shades are expected to be the eye catchers this season. Whether in relaxed fit or slim fits, whether for office wear or casual occasions, these flannel shirt options are assured to add quality and color to any style-enlightened man’s wardrobe.

If you happen to be a store owner of men’s clothing, housing these options can give you maximum exposure before maximum prospective buyers. Wholesale flannel shirt suppliers of significant standing can be approached for the best options along with customization benefits.