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5 Types of Stylish Maternity Clothes for a Comfortable Wardrobe

Pregnancy is the most exciting time in a woman’s life when she undergoes lots of hormonal changes which results in tiredness and nausea in the first and second trimester. In addition to this the expansion of belly and breasts as well as the stress of carrying extra weight makes her life quite awkward. So in order to prevent this one needs to invest her money in some comfy maternity clothes which are meant to flatter the new shape of her body and which she can start using right from the third month of her pregnancy till post-partum. So if you are currently experiencing this wonderful phase of your life, it is important to know what clothes are good for you. Here is a list of some of the apparels which you can find at the catalogue of your online manufacturer. Take a look!

Wholesale Maternity Clothes Manufacturer

Maxi dress

The ankle length floor sweeping maxi dresses are not only comfortable to wear but also apt to keep your style quotient high. Available in different prints such as floral, ikat and Aztec they make for a great wardrobe staple for both before and after child birth. You can accessorize your look with a light neckpiece and danglers and a pair of comfortable flat shoes.

Wrap dress

This is another transitional dress right like the previous type which gives as much comfort during pregnancy as after it. When you are buying this, do not forget to verify the quality of your product. The ones in cotton and linen are mostly preferred for their breathability and sustainability over  the months. You can simply style it with a jacket worn over it which will double as a body warmer to beat the chilly wind of winter.

Loose fitted tee with long sleeves and detachable bra

During pregnancy it is best to wear clothes which will hang loose on your body. So go for over-sized long sleeve tops with detachable bra to avoid the awkward look of your swelling tummy after the third trimester of pregnancy.

Those business owners who want to enlarge their stock with these maternity t-shirts can contact their wholesale maternity clothes manufacturer online.

Stretchable jeans

Towards the last few months of pregnancy you will experience expansion of your tummy. As a result you will not be able to wear your regular jeans. So get yourself some stretchable pair of jeans which sit well on your hips and waist. Now be it a visit to the doctor’s clinic or office you can team them with loose fit tees or shirts.

Stretchy cargo skirt

There are several online manufacturers who provide a host of lightweight and comfortable yet smart and fashionable maternity apparels, including stretchable cargo skirt at affordable prices. So visit them online and choose these skirts in grey and brown colors and match them with any tees.

Since maternity clothes no longer mean the over-sized dresses for women, retailers can refresh their stock by adding them in a generous amount from a trustworthy wholesale maternity clothes supplier.


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