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Things To Keep In Mind While Going Formal In A Denim Shirt

Denims never go out of fashion, acting as bedrock. When formal sounds boring to you, try slipping into denim shirts. For both men and women, this attire reveals a stylish side of yours, with elegance and charm. To break the monotony of your everyday formal look, try them with ease and comfort. Retailers are sprucing up their stock with regular up gradation in this category. A formal denim shirt can be worn in various ways if certain key factors are kept in mind.

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It is very important to look an eye on the sleeves while going for denim shirts as formal wears. The sleeves should be full, without being extra slim fit or loose. Also, buttons at the end are very important. Men can wear them with trousers and women with skirts or pants. Also, blazers can be used over them.


Spread collars look best with denims formals. Front open collar does not suit a formal event, but can definitely be a part of semi-formal occasions. Make sure the collars are not embellished or embroidered. A collared formal denim shirt adds buoyancy to your look in a business meeting or presentation.


Make sure to have a single pocket in your denim while going for a formal event. Double pockets go with casual or semi-formal wears. Also, pockets should not be appliquéd or patch-worked.


Formals look best with solid single colours. Do not opt for faded hues or prints or patch-works. Make sure they are of dark colours without any intonations or stitching. Keep it simple in shades of blues and blacks.


The best way to wear formal denim is to team it up with blazers. if it is a semi formal event, go for cardigans . Also ensure wearing contracting silk tie to enhance your whole look. Girls can replace tie with scarves ties around the collar.

Every office going person should store more than one formal denim shirt as a part of their closet essential. Look smarter in them with maximum verve and intensity.


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