Your Funny T Shirt Collection Isn’t Funny Enough If Your Don’t Have THESE in Your Stock

If there is anything that the world that is severely lacking these days, it is laughter. And what better way to reverse the stressful impacts of mirthless existence than wearing a bright bold funny t shirt. Whether in words or in pictures, a single glance at these options can brighten up anyone’s day many times over. Not very long ago, a certain t shirt worn by a factory professional in a developing nation read… ‘I don’t need to have s*x, the Government scr*ews me everyday’. Wise, bold, funny and instantly ludicrous, adding slapstick to one’s clothing is more of a necessity these days than option.

If you are a seller of t shirts, you can approach your chosen wholesale funny t shirt providers for these options…

Wholesale Funny T-Shirts Manufacturer

Laugh at self t shirts – People take themselves too seriously these days. Cracking a laugh at self can be therapeutic at times. Be it about work or love life or anything else for that matter, wearing a joke or two about your handicaps cannot go wrong when it comes to induce smiles on faces. A t shirt of a certain non playing tennis enthusiast read ‘raising a racquet’ with appropriate pictures… dual meaning, funny and applicable.

Wise crack t shirts – There was once a cookie print T shirt that read ‘drop cookies, not bombs’. Wise cracks are loved by people and they are least likely to lose their charm. Having wise crack t shirts can actually enhance your traffic and conversions many times over.

Comic strip t shirts – Super cute, super funny and so much in demand… comic funnies are the best things to have stocked in your shelves. T shirts with popular comic icons like Hagar the Horrible, Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts etc are a welcome relief to sore eyes and mind.

Body type t shirts – These shirts have less to say and more to show. There was once a shapely man in his early fifties who was seen wearing the shape of a bikini clad woman in his t shirt in the middle of a crowded beach in Hawaii. Similarly, a baby in her 11th month was seen dressed boldly in a wrestler’s musculature t shirt. What in the world could be funnier?

Inducing laughter is infectious and the more you work on it, more gleeful things will get! For all you know winning your clients over with a smile is worth every effort.


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