Do’s and Don’ts of On-trend Plaid Shirts

It’s that time of the year again when you need to stay warm and cozy due to the endless polar vortex that cripples our lives and still look smashing at the same time. The great news is that you do not have to give up fashion for warmth. On-trend flannels are what men need to fill up their closets with if they want to make a style statement every time they walk out of their homes this fall/winter season. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts with plaid shirts if you need to stay warm and look your best for the walk from work to the bar.

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When it comes to going the plaid way, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Get checks that feature a mix of colors like blue and orange, yellow and green and other such bright hues and tones.

Limit your bold pattern in such a way that only one piece will stand out from the entire ensemble. Let the focus just be on that one piece.

You could always accessorize for that extra dash of glamour. You could try maybe a checkered tie or scarf that will also help to keep you cozy and warm.

Make no compromises on the fit. Plaid shirts wholesale should not be too loose and neither should it be too tight. If the fit is not perfect, everything else will fail.

Better to pair up plaids with solid colored pants.

For a basic casual day look, team up your plaid with a solid colored t-shirt inside and a pair of denims.

For winters, go for flannel shirts of darker shades whereas, for summer, pastels will be ideal.


Avoid pairing your plaids with plaids. Make one piece the star of the outfit and allow it to speak for itself.

Do not pair your flannel shirt with bold patterns as it results in confusing the eye and creates a very complicated look.

Flannel shirts tucked in just looks weird. Avoid that look.

Flannel shirts have come a really long way from their association with lumberjacks and grunge bands and is one of the most popular shirts for the contemporary gents today. It is trendy, comfortable and warm, and can be styled in different ways. It can be worn to work, a casual day at the beach or even to impress a date. Clothing retailers can definitely shower some love on the dapper men this season by stocking up on plaid shirts wholesale from leading manufacturers and suppliers.


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