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Know How the Celebrities Like to Style their Denim Shirts

With passing times, fashion trends also see a massive change. What’s in today may simply be termed as a faux pas tomorrow. Nevertheless, some trends are simply timeless, and no matter how much you wear those trends up, you’ll never grow out of them. One such trend, that’s creating much abuzz even now, is that of the chambray shirts! Yes, you’re right—the very own casual denim shirts! Ah, well! You surely have one of these in your wardrobe. But if you’re yet unclear about how and with that to accentuate them properly, look no further for this post will enlighten you about the ways some of the famous celebrities choose to wear them.

Leigh Lezark, a DJ, model and the brand ambassador of Chanel, was recently seen wearing a chambray shirt at a public event. She chose to bunk the regular trousers and shirt combo and instead wore the shirt over her floral mini dress. She further accentuated this look with a black solid leather jacket. In short, her style mantra is simple—chuck the stereotype and play with different trends to make the coolest style statement of all!

Casual Denim Shirts

Katherine McGhee, the famous Smash star and a singing sensation, chose to accentuate her sleeveless chambray shirt all tucked up inside this striped monochromatic and front ruffled maxi skirt. Addition of colorful bangles broke the monotone of the ensemble and added spunk in her look. Like her, you may simply ditch your flirty top for a more casual denim shirt to go in with your maxi skirt! It’s cool, it’s bohemian, and it’s stylishly different!

Kate Bosworth, the famous actress and a fashionista in the truest sense of the term, was recently seen wearing a longish dark chambray shirt completely untucked over her short floral skirt from Top shop. The casually pulled up sleeves, the “unkempt” hairdo and those biker boots completed her ensemble. By far, this is the most casual and fun loving ensemble which you can wear everywhere—be it to the college or to your friends’ place or even to that special shopping spree!

Rachael Roy’s, the famous celebrity fashion designer, styling of the good ol’ Chambray Shirt is simply going to woo you over. She paired her simple classic blue chambray shirt with her cool and casual cropped pants in the bright hue of yellow at a recent public appearance. What is commendable about this look is how she manages to put together such simple wardrobe necessities and effortlessly pulled out such a casual yet stylish look. You may simply pair this ensemble up with ballerinas and a great handbag to look stunning always!

Zoe Kravitz’s look was all about elegance, cut off by an easy, playful tease. She chose to wear her over sized chambray shirt, untucked and open buttoned over her stylish knitted top and a structured, pleated black mini skirt at a recent public appearance. What added to the look was her classic knitted cap and a chunky neck piece. Brilliant for the parties and rock concerts, this look can be carried by anyone who’s all for bold style and hi fashion!

Brad Pitt’s fascination with a crisp white t-shirt in 2014

Are you a die-hard fan of the holly hunk, Brad Pitt? If yes, then you must be head over heels in emulating Brad Pitt’s way of talking, smiling, dressing, and the like, right? Blessed with great features and an even great sinewy structure, give Pitt a worn out rug, and he’ll glaze in it as well. However, more than his super fit body, what is more discussed about is Pitt’s charming and easy going dressing sense. This two time winner of People’s Sexiest Man Alive title, Brad Pitt’s effortless style revolves around his love with worn out denims and crisp white shirts and t-shirts. And, in the calendar year 2014, till date, he has mostly been seen in those, and oh boy! How dashing he looks with every passing day!

White Shirt

Well, if you want to dress up as your idol, keep a few things in mind, and you shall be (un)sorted. Here are a few tips for the same—

1. First and foremost, you need to understand that in order to dress “effortlessly”, you need to be a bit unkempt but stylish. So, for those formal meetings, wear your crisp white shirt undone over your smooth trousers, and simply put in a blazer. Forget about the ties completely, and you shall be good to go!

2. For those casual gateways, all you need is a rugged pair of white washed out denims and a crisp white 3/4th sleeve tee, that’s it. Team this up with your hats and a pair of loafers, and that’s it. The idea is to undone yourself while getting all done!

3. Do you know you could still put your old and worn out linen pants to good use? Team them up with your half sleeved white tees, and put on a casual “Brad Pitt” cap, and you’ve got looks that can kill! Well, don’t forget to arm yourself up with an easy going charm and a perfect casual demeanor which is typically Brad Pitt!

4. Is it chilly outside? Ah well, you don’t need to chuck your crisp white tee even now! Simply pair a beige sweatshirt over it and wear a pair of your favorite canvas shoes, and you’re good to go out and enjoy.

Well, in order to dress up “like” Brad Pitt, all you need to do is give your comfort level much importance. After all, how would Pitt look sans that alluring, charming and easy going smile?

Choose your denim wear-the regular ones or a slim-fitted look?

If you are looking for shirts that are trendy as well as serve your utility purposes then go in for denim wear. A good quality shirt is an essential item in the wardrobe of a man. It has a tough material that can be essentially used for rough purposes while at the same time it can also be used as a casual party wear. For example if your work demands physical exertion all day and there is a get together party with your buddies in the evening, then worry not- go for these in the morning and attend the party in the evening too without the trouble of changing the attire.

Slim Fit Denim Shirt VS Regular Denim Shirts

Be the ‘cool ‘guy!

But if you are a metro sexual man and want to jazz up your look with exclusive styling then go in for slim fit denim shirts. This is a must buy for the stylish man. It is designed in such a remarkable way that it hugs the male body to bring out the macho look and style which will complement it and make the man look near perfect, physically that is. The amazing cuts and designs of the apparel makes it a must buy as it can be used both as a formal wear as well as in informal events.

The regular ones can be your wardrobe staple

However the regular denim shirts has a straight cut look on it that does not accentuate the body shape or the curves but it lends a breezy and comfy feel to the man wearing it as it is comparatively loose fitting and airy. This type of clothing ranks low in the style quotient compared to the slim fit ones. But, if you know how to carry things in style, the regular ones scoring higher on the comfort meter is a must grab for you! If you are on the heavier side, want to hide your curves, then regular wears work!

Flaunt your best-looking self!

But when you are living in the 21st century there is always a stiff competition. Phrasing it in a simpler version way like, “the survival of the fittest” it can be said that whenever you go out in denims either to a party or hang out with your girlfriend or friends, a good physical appearance is mandatory to make a positive impact. And for that reason a slim fit denim shirt will and always score better than the regular ones. True to its name the slim-fitted look gives a slim structured appearance to a drab body shape, thus creating an illusion of perfect body structure whereas the regular ones do nothing special to the look.

Look different and more appealing today with a good quality denim shirt!

Striped Shirts v/s Plains Shirts for The Ladies– Which To Choose and Why?

Plain shirts look great and so do the striped ones. What really matters however is which to choose, how and most importantly, why? This is mainly because what looks awesome on the shelves may not look awesome on you, and this is one of those facts which is best when swallowed with a pinch of salt. If you fall in love with a striped one to the extent of being blind to its effects on you when you wear it, be assured about the fact that the onlookers will not be very forgiving.

Till date, these two options are counted as the options that are most suitable as formal / office wear. It is thus, necessary to ensure that only the most suitable ones are chosen and here is how you can make a flawless approach towards it…


Effect of Stripes – Stripes can cast a massive impact on how shapely you appear. Say for example, horizontal stripes tend to make the wearer look bulkier than she may actually be. Make the stripes bolder, and the bulkier you will look. So, if you are naturally blessed to be heavier on the top, you need not invite the horizontal stripes to your wardrobe. Horizontally striped shirts are best suited for those who are looking forward to add a little bulk to their skinny selves.

If you love stripes anyway, go for the vertical ones. Vertical stripes cast the opposite effect and tend to make the wearer appear slimmer than she may be. Pin stripes or medium, the wearer is sure to look more toned and composed in vertically striped shirts. Be it strictly contrast shades or more even toned, the impact will be noteworthy. These options are thus, best suited for the full figured ladies who can carry it off with greater grace than their skin and bones counterparts.

Effects of Plain Shirts – For those thinking that the plain shirts are the easiest bet, think again. While it is true that plain white can complement any shape, any size any skin tone and any weather condition, bringing on the colors can strike the beginning of serious wardrobe malfunction. The fact that plain shirts come without any distracting aspects like prints or stripes, the element of distraction is minimum which brings out the details of the wearer (be it height, size, skin tone etc) even more prominently.

Choosing wise is your only saving grace. While choosing plain shirts for women, you must focus on 2 crucial features – one is the color and the other is the cut. At the same time, it is very important to remember to try before you buy and seek a second opinion about how you look in your chosen shirt.

How To Choose And Wear You Checked Shirts Right – For Ladies

The lovers of checks can get up and ready to grab the newest collections launched by the providers of the same. The online stores are full of them so are the showrooms stocking up in brands. The range of colors is plenty and cuts and designs are practically overflowing. While all this and more is sure to make you unstoppably gleeful, it can also leave you thoroughly confused when choosing the right ones for your wardrobe and that too for the right occasions.

Red Checked Shirts
Red Checked Shirts

Choosing your checked shirts correctly can make a world of difference in adding charming individuality to your persona. If not, you could be ‘individual’ alright but not in the right sense of the term.

To begin with, checked shirts are barely formal, so, if you are approaching checked shirts displayed under formal wear, be very careful before approaching the same. More often than not, checks are best when worn as a part of casual wear. Bright colors with reasonable cuts are sure to complement your shape more than you may have expected. On the flip side though, you have to be very careful about what you team up these shirts with.

Red & Black Checked Shirt
Red & Black Checked Shirt

A pair of jeans and a pair of boots may look suitable enough, but while walking down the roads, onlookers may feel the absence of a horse walking next to you. Basically, it takes very little to get into the old cowgirl look while wearing one of these checked options. If you like it, you can adorn it the traditional style. If not, you will be better off consulting a style guide before attempting these otherwise classic beauties.

As far as the aspect of appeal of checked shirts go, lesser is always better. In very simple words, it is always wiser to steer clear of any option where the entire rainbow is involved and worse if the checks are large. For all you know, you may end up looking like a walking talking table cloth that was discarded somewhere back in the 1930s from some odd farmer’s breakfast table.

Black & White Checked Shirt
Black & White Checked Shirt

Another critical factor that enthusiastic wearers need to know is about choosing checked shirts according to your body. You can only dare to wear one size larger if you are skinny enough to make size 2 look big. If not, you can do best not an inch more than your size preferably with ¾ roll up sleeves trim waist and other detailing as such etc.