How To Choose And Wear You Checked Shirts Right – For Ladies

The lovers of checks can get up and ready to grab the newest collections launched by the providers of the same. The online stores are full of them so are the showrooms stocking up in brands. The range of colors is plenty and cuts and designs are practically overflowing. While all this and more is sure to make you unstoppably gleeful, it can also leave you thoroughly confused when choosing the right ones for your wardrobe and that too for the right occasions.

Choosing your checked shirts correctly can make a world of difference in adding charming individuality to your persona. If not, you could be ‘individual’ alright but not in the right sense of the term.

To begin with, checked shirts are barely formal, so, if you are approaching checked shirts displayed under formal wear, be very careful before approaching the same. More often than not, checks are best when worn as a part of casual wear. Bright colors with reasonable cuts are sure to complement your shape more than you may have expected. On the flip side though, you have to be very careful about what you team up these shirts with.

A pair of jeans and a pair of boots may look suitable enough, but while walking down the roads, onlookers may feel the absence of a horse walking next to you. Basically, it takes very little to get into the old cowgirl look while wearing one of these checked options. If you like it, you can adorn it the traditional style. If not, you will be better off consulting a style guide before attempting these otherwise classic beauties.

As far as the aspect of appeal of checked shirts go, lesser is always better. In very simple words, it is always wiser to steer clear of any option where the entire rainbow is involved and worse if the checks are large. For all you know, you may end up looking like a walking talking table cloth that was discarded somewhere back in the 1930s from some odd farmer’s breakfast table.

Another critical factor that enthusiastic wearers need to know is about choosing checked shirts according to your body. You can only dare to wear one size larger if you are skinny enough to make size 2 look big. If not, you can do best not an inch more than your size preferably with ¾ roll up sleeves trim waist and other detailing as such etc.


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