Know How the Celebrities Like to Style their Denim Shirts

With passing times, fashion trends also see a massive change. What’s in today may simply be termed as a faux pas tomorrow. Nevertheless, some trends are simply timeless, and no matter how much you wear those trends up, you’ll never grow out of them. One such trend, that’s creating much abuzz even now, is that of the chambray shirts! Yes, you’re right—the very own casual denim shirts! Ah, well! You surely have one of these in your wardrobe. But if you’re yet unclear about how and with that to accentuate them properly, look no further for this post will enlighten you about the ways some of the famous celebrities choose to wear them

Leigh Lezark, a DJ, model and the brand ambassador of Chanel, was recently seen wearing a chambray shirt at a public event. She chose to bunk the regular trousers and shirt combo and instead wore the shirt over her floral mini dress. She further accentuated this look with a black solid leather jacket. In short, her style mantra is simple—chuck the stereotype and play with different trends to make the coolest style statement of all!

Katherine McGhee, the famous Smash star and a singing sensation, chose to accentuate her sleeveless chambray shirt all tucked up inside this striped monochromatic and front ruffled maxi skirt. Addition of colorful bangles broke the monotone of the ensemble and added spunk in her look. Like her, you may simply ditch your flirty top for a more casual denim shirt to go in with your maxi skirt! It’s cool, it’s bohemian, and it’s stylishly different!

Kate Bosworth, the famous actress and a fashionista in the truest sense of the term, was recently seen wearing a longish dark chambray shirt completely untucked over her short floral skirt from Top shop. The casually pulled up sleeves, the “unkempt” hairdo and those biker boots completed her ensemble. By far, this is the most casual and fun loving ensemble which you can wear everywhere—be it to the college or to your friends’ place or even to that special shopping spree!

Rachael Roy’s, the famous celebrity fashion designer, styling of the good ol’ Chambray Shirt is simply going to woo you over. She paired her simple classic blue chambray shirt with her cool and casual cropped pants in the bright hue of yellow at a recent public appearance. What is commendable about this look is how she manages to put together such simple wardrobe necessities and effortlessly pulled out such a casual yet stylish look. You may simply pair this ensemble up with ballerinas and a great handbag to look stunning always!

Zoe Kravitz’s look was all about elegance, cut off by an easy, playful tease. She chose to wear her over sized chambray shirt, untucked and open buttoned over her stylish knitted top and a structured, pleated black mini skirt at a recent public appearance. What added to the look was her classic knitted cap and a chunky neck piece. Brilliant for the parties and rock concerts, this look can be carried by anyone who’s all for bold style and hi fashion!


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