Striped Shirts v/s Plains Shirts for The Ladies– Which To Choose and Why?

Plain shirts look great and so do the striped ones. What really matters however is which to choose, how and most importantly, why? This is mainly because what looks awesome on the shelves may not look awesome on you, and this is one of those facts which is best when swallowed with a pinch of salt. If you fall in love with a striped one to the extent of being blind to its effects on you when you wear it, be assured about the fact that the onlookers will not be very forgiving.

Till date, these two options are counted as the options that are most suitable as formal / office wear. It is thus, necessary to ensure that only the most suitable ones are chosen and here is how you can make a flawless approach towards it…

Effect of Stripes – Stripes can cast a massive impact on how shapely you appear. Say for example, horizontal stripes tend to make the wearer look bulkier than she may actually be. Make the stripes bolder, and the bulkier you will look. So, if you are naturally blessed to be heavier on the top, you need not invite the horizontal stripes to your wardrobe. Horizontally striped shirts are best suited for those who are looking forward to add a little bulk to their skinny selves.

If you love stripes anyway, go for the vertical ones. Vertical stripes cast the opposite effect and tend to make the wearer appear slimmer than she may be. Pin stripes or medium, the wearer is sure to look more toned and composed in vertically striped shirts. Be it strictly contrast shades or more even toned, the impact will be noteworthy. These options are thus, best suited for the full figured ladies who can carry it off with greater grace than their skin and bones counterparts.

Effects of Plain Shirts – For those thinking that the plain shirts are the easiest bet, think again. While it is true that plain white can complement any shape, any size any skin tone and any weather condition, bringing on the colors can strike the beginning of serious wardrobe malfunction. The fact that plain shirts come without any distracting aspects like prints or stripes, the element of distraction is minimum which brings out the details of the wearer (be it height, size, skin tone etc) even more prominently.

Choosing wise is your only saving grace. While choosing plain shirts for women, you must focus on 2 crucial features – one is the color and the other is the cut. At the same time, it is very important to remember to try before you buy and seek a second opinion about how you look in your chosen shirt.


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