Brad Pitt’s Fascination with a Crisp White T-shirt in 2014

Are you a die-hard fan of the holly hunk, Brad Pitt? If yes, then you must be head over heels in emulating Brad Pitt’s way of talking, smiling, dressing, and the like, right? Blessed with great features and an even great sinewy structure, give Pitt a worn out rug, and he’ll glaze in it as well. However, more than his super fit body, what is more discussed about is Pitt’s charming and easy going dressing sense. This two time winner of People’s Sexiest Man Alive title, Brad Pitt’s effortless style revolves around his love with worn out denims and crisp white shirts and t-shirts. And, in the calendar year 2014, till date, he has mostly been seen in those, and oh boy! How dashing he looks with every passing day!

Well, if you want to dress up as your idol, keep a few things in mind, and you shall be (un)sorted.

Here are a few tips for the same—

1. First and foremost, you need to understand that in order to dress “effortlessly”, you need to be a bit unkempt but stylish. So, for those formal meetings, wear your crisp white shirt undone over your smooth trousers, and simply put in a blazer. Forget about the ties completely, and you shall be good to go!

2. For those casual gateways, all you need is a rugged pair of white washed out denims and a crisp white 3/4th sleeve tee, that’s it. Team this up with your hats and a pair of loafers, and that’s it. The idea is to undone yourself while getting all done!

3. Do you know you could still put your old and worn out linen pants to good use? Team them up with your half sleeved white tees, and put on a casual “Brad Pitt” cap, and you’ve got looks that can kill! Well, don’t forget to arm yourself up with an easy going charm and a perfect casual demeanor which is typically Brad Pitt!

4. Is it chilly outside? Ah well, you don’t need to chuck your crisp white tee even now! Simply pair a beige sweatshirt over it and wear a pair of your favorite canvas shoes, and you’re good to go out and enjoy.

Well, in order to dress up “like” Brad Pitt, all you need to do is give your comfort level much importance. After all, how would Pitt look sans that alluring, charming and easy going smile?


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