Now Wear Dress Shirts in the Most Informal Way

In the last few years, we have noticed a movement away from the extremely formal shirt, tie, suit combo, and the contemporary man’s everyday uniform have become lots more unique and casual to his own fashion. That does not mean that we can’t still sport the dress shirts we adore so much and simply give them a bit more of an informal touch and we used to.

  • The simplest thing to do is to just get rid of the tie and unbutton a couple of the buttons on the top of your private label dress shirts. Take a classic, gorgeous light blue dress shirt and wear it underneath a navy suit, styled just so that way, and rounded out with a pair of white sneakers.

  • The next thing you can do is take a linen shirt or two. First, take a white one which should be essentially more casual than your usual cotton shirt, an amazing way to dress it down is un-tucking it, and sporting it with a blazer and raw denim jeans, instead of a full suit.

  • Take a blue linen dress shirt which will be just peeking out beneath your sweater, another way to simply style a dress shirt more casual. Keep your shirt tucked in, put on sweater up top, unbutton your cuffs, and push it up the sleeves a bit, just a pair of dark jeans will work wonders here.

  • You can play again with a blue linen shirt, by keeping it cool and easy and leaving it just un-tucked. Roll up the sleeves and throw in a pair of white jeans may be to make the entire look a bit more attractive.

  • Finally, you can go for an achromatic look, bringing together a grey colored cardigan with even a darker shade dress shirt with a pair of Chelsea boots and black jeans. A cardigan, particularly a slim-fitting blazer cardigan, it will be a great way to tone things down a bit, whilst still working with the elegance of a dress shirt.

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