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Break the Stereotypes with the Latest Trends in Fashionable plus Size Clothes

Being a curvy woman in the fashion conscious world is quite tricky and confusing.  You might feel left out as the style police lays down certain norms and rules for each and every body type. But time to breakdown the stereotypical ideas about dressing up for curvy bodies, and embrace the latest trends that are creating a buzz in the world of plus size style.  The wholesale manufacturers and designers are bringing in the most hip, happening and out-of-the-box outfit styles and designs for the curvy women, which push the conventional boundaries and exude braveness.

The high end fashion brands are welcoming the new wholesale plus size clothes trends that help the curvy women to come out of the traditional box, and embrace the breakthrough that has been possible with the entry of some of the most innovative styles.  From the celebs to super models, everyone is rooting for “curvy is the new sexy” and hence the fashion dimension for them is constantly changing.

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The revived skinny jeans

The wholesale manufacturing hubs have introduced the plus size special skinny jeans for the curvy women to help them flaunt their assets quite confidently. Instead of being embarrassed about your hips or thighs, time to show them off with class by wearing the form- fitted skinny jeans.  It is time to rock the super cool tight leggings or the skinny denims with your long line shirts or even with short tops for different occasions.

Embrace the printed trousers

You might have believed since now that prints, especially the floral are a big no-no for the big girls. But this conception has changed now, and the eternal truth is that the floral printed or even any other patterned trousers and other bottom wear styles should be worn by the curvy women to engage in more colourful dressing effortlessly.

The short cute skirts

Are you feeling shy to show off the thighs? Not anymore, as it is time to be confident and flatter your thighs with the short cute skater skirts that come in different styles, from colour blocked ones, to the printed skirts, the striped and plaid ones.  Rock them with pride, with the simple tees, fancy off shoulders and also with the button down shirts layered over casual tees.

Anything sleeveless

The society might be sceptical about the curvy women sleeveless tops, shirts or dresses, but the global fashion scene is changing, and you can now sport the sleeveless clothes with elegance and smartness.  From the cute tank dress to the sleeveless tops, you have an array of options to try out.

The sexy bikinis

Were you limited to wearing only the monokinis and swimsuits all this while? It is time to change your style at the pool party or beach outings, and get clad in the sexy bikinis that are designed especially for the plus size women. Get them in monochromes or prints in different bright shades.

The smart shift dresses

Let the clothing piece you are wearing make you feel good, and not make your appear slimmer. Keeping this intention intact, the designers have introduced the shift dresses in different shades like neutrals, pastels and even in dark tones.

The retro crop tops

The top-notch plus size wholesalers have brought forth the crop tops for the plus size women, and you can rock them with the high waist shorts, pants and skirts.

Thus, it is high time you come out of your shell and let your comfort zone not interfere into your way of dressing up.  Try to break the stereotypes and go for the newest range of clothes that have been initiated by the plus size wholesale manufacturing hubs.


Break the Stereotypes with the Latest Trends in Fashionable plus Size Clothes


The Eternally Trendy Classic Men’s Shirt Designs That Will Never Go out Of Style

Can men imagine closets without shirts? Men have the most unbreakable style bond with shirts, and they indeed look dapper in them.  Today, the handsome brigade is also getting baffled with the flabbergasting options in cuts, styles and patterns of shirts that are available in the market and all the credits go to the eminent manufacturers, because they are thinking big.  But no matter how unique the world of fashion becomes for men, you cannot afford to give up on few shirt designs. Men must own them in their closets, and these continue to shine in the global fashion scene each and every year, with little renditions, twists and innovative edges.

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No matter what the fashion police goes on to dictate, there are certain shirt pieces that can never fade away from the men’s clothing industry, and they deserve to get an important place in the closets of all the handsome hunky men.  You can stick to the evergreen shirt styles and look absolutely perfect for different occasions, from office to concerts, parties and even at airports.

Here is a list of the wholesale shirts that are timeless for the men.

The Printed Shirts

Channelize your retro looks effortlessly in the printed shirts that come in different array of patterns, from the florals to abstract motifs, the animal prints, stripes, plaids, tropics, paisley and much more. These printed shirts come in a combination of different contrasting hues, and can be worn with chinos or the denims, tucked in. Be it for the beach vacations, pool parties or clubbing, you can wear these printed shirts with ease.

Crisp White Button Down Shirts

The designer crisp white button down dress shirts for men are closet essentials and they suit the best with the blue faded denims.  To look debonair for some important occasion, you must wear them with well- fitted trousers and brown or black boots. Also, you can carry them to office or some formal occasion with suit set and tie. For date nights, carry them with the blazers or leather jackets, depending upon the weather.

Flannel Checks

Can you afford to give up on the plaid flannel shirts? The classic grunge inspired plaid flannel shirts are highly versatile and can be worn in a polished manner tucked into the formal trousers for office days, and also as layering options for the party nights.  These plaid flannel classic shirts are smart and traditional and you can experiment them with casuals like shorts or suspenders.

Shirts with Mandarin Collars

Be it in any color, print or fabric, the wholesale shirt range for men equipped with mandarin collars looks classy and equally sexy.  A very elegant replacement of the regular men’s shirts, these mandarin collared shirts can be worn beneath any type of layering option, from blazers to jackets, coats and suits, too.  They look the best for functions like marriages or even for office parties.

The Chic Denims

Denim shirts have a retro charm with the most unapologetic underlying charm that is irreplaceable.  From wearing them as layers or for the denim-on-denim looks, you can carry out a wide array of ensembles in the denim shirts, in any wash or shade, be it navy blue, light blue, or something else.

The reputed and well established shirts wholesalers are bringing in a wide array of ingenious shirt styles for the men, but having the classic styles in the closets is mandatory.


The Eternally Trendy Classic Men’s Shirt Designs That Will Never Go out Of Style


A Classic Polo Shirt and 3 Ways to Wear It without Looking Sloppy

When a polo shirt was introduced as a part of tennis clothing way back in the 1920s, they were fast enough to gain attention. It did take time to enter the mainstream clothing scene, but once it did, there was no stopping a polo shirt. While comfort was a leading factor to influence their popularity, it was their sophisticated appeal which made them a staple in a man’s wardrobe.

Over the years, polo shirts have undergone a lot of tweaks and changes, but their charm has remained undeterred. When wearing a polo shirt right, the appearance can be splendid, but a misstep can ruin your chances completely. To know how to wear a polo shirt appropriately, you need to know how to wear a polo shirt for different occasions. Here, a comprehensive view has been provided for your assistance. Keep reading to find out more.

custom polo shirts

Occasion 1: Casual

When we think of a polo shirt, the setting usually doesn’t sync with that of casual. The appeal of a polo shirt is more suited for the golf course and the country club rather than going for a cup of coffee. However, it is time to break the cliché and take a more versatile approach. You might need time to get accustomed to entire casual polo attire, but once you do, the result is definitely stunning. To keep up with the casual vibe, you first need to sort your bottom wear. Opt for anything that is less tailored and more comfortable. A pair of joggers (in black, grey or navy) will work just fine. Leave the polo untucked but it shouldn’t go past your hip. Manufacturers of wholesale polo shirt have such versions in their inventory. Plimsolls matching the color of the rest of the ensemble will set the tone right.

Occasion 2: Smart Casual

If you come to think of it, a polo shirt was made for smart casual occasions. but if you still struggle to understand the difference between smart and casual, you will find the answer in a pair of chinos and loafers. These pieces maintain a perfect balance between the fine lines that split the two occasions. Combining a polo shirt with chinos and loafers is neither too formal nor too casual. Hence, it is smart casual. Choose in light colors to keep the tone relaxed but the fit should be silhouette hugging to get a flawless conventional point. This ensemble is clean and smart, enough to help you get attention from all the onlookers. to break the monotony of this attire, you can switch your chinos for a pair of tailored shorts (again in subtle shades) for they are just equally sleek.

Occasion 3: Formal

A polo worn underneath a tailored suit is simple yet effective. And maybe this is the key to getting the formal attire right. Keep things simple! Stay away from loud patterns for they do no justice to the occasion. Also, remember to tuck in the shirt inside your trousers to keep the look smooth and fitted. You can get custom polo shirts for they highlight your stature well. The tone of the clothes (every single piece) should be dark for they create a slimming illusion. Keep the bright colored polo for the casual settings. To look sharp, opt for footwear that includes either a pair of leather loafers or oxford shoes. No scuff, no pulling back- just a suit, a polo shirt and good shoes. You will be golden.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you give the classic polo a classy treatment by wearing it according to the mood of the different occasions. Retailers interested to make a purchase can register with the manufacturer today!


A Classic Polo Shirt and 3 Ways to Wear It without Looking Sloppy


Watch Out For the New and Revised Styles Rules and Ideas for the Plus Size Women

People who are different from the popular style norms, be it the too curvy belles or the too skinny ones; they always have to stick to some rules and dress up in a set of traditional ways. Thankfully, the mind-set is changing, and the wholesale designers and manufacturers are bringing forth clothes for the plus size women that refurbish the idea of being curvy, and help them to try something new, and, of course, out-of- the-box. You cannot simply be too conscious with your body, and keep following the drab and banal norms, and hence the world of fashion has broken some of the old style rules for the curvy women, and introduced some new ones by revising them.

womens plus size shirts manufacturer

If you are convinced that you look good only when you follow certain fashion guidelines, then it is time to break through the stereotypical ideas, and renew your relationship with plus size fashion in a very unique way. Since the past few years, the brand new collection of wholesale plus size clothes have changed a lot as the rules defining them have transformed completely.

Hence, to help you come out of the monotonous box, here is a list of the revised set of new style rules and ideas that plus size women must rejoice for.

Old rule: Never wear white

New rule: The style gurus and celebs must have been talking a lot about how black is the perfect color for the plus size women, and white derogates their looks. Well, this notion has changed and accepted just as a style myth. Your perfection in styling would be defined by the size and fit of the clothes, and not by the color you are wearing.  Rather, be confident in flaunting a white outfit, just make sure that the fabric is thick, and has a definite structure to help you look your best.

Old rule: Button down shirts are a big no-no

New rule:  Today, you will see that a reputed womens plus size shirts manufacturer has brought forth a wide assortment of plus size button down shirts for the curvy women, against the popular notion that they are unflattering.  But, according to experts, you just have to buy the right button down shirt with a definite silhouette, and also to give way to an elongated look, you can layer it under different layering options like coats, jackets, blazers or shrugs.

Old rule: Do not go for bright colored and printed clothes

New Rule: There has been a famous style myth for the plus size women that they should pick up the shirts, tops or the tees and dresses that are adorned with huge prints and bright colors.  Today, the designers and style bloggers have made an important point by debunking this myth that bright colors and prints are always flattering, just make sure they’re in proportion to the scale of the body, and also complement your skin complexion.

Old rule: Single colored outfits are always safe

New rule: Did you know that always throwing the random monochromatic piece can actually make you look sloppy and sluggish?  Well, the single colored outfits do create the slimming illusion, but they are never the safest options.  Rather, you should drop the idea, and mix different textures and fabrics with different shades of a similar color tone. This would work better than the completely boring monochromes.

Thus, instead of sticking to the basics, you should be badass enough to flaunt your curves by trying out the trendiest options that are available in the clothing market.


Watch Out For the New and Revised Styles Rules and Ideas for the Plus Size Women


Dress Shirts and Everything You Need To Know About Them

When 2018 began, quite a few items came under the spotlight. But stealing the maximum of it was the dress shirt. To know more about dress shirts, keep reading the following article.

The history of dress shirts

If you could travel back to the sixteenth century Europe, you would see the first appearance of a dress button down. Though they quickly descended to the undergarment section, their ability to hold sweat under an expensive piece of clothing was much useful, in the most abstract way.

But with time, the elite class of European men started wearing the crisp white shirt as a symbol of representing status. Only the wealthy men could afford it. And by the time the Victorian era rolled in and dinner jackets came into existence, the significance of a dress shirt rose prominently.

Wholesale private label shirts

The clumsy design was now being traded for a bib paneling near the chest. This gave the button down a more crisp appeal. The use of good quality materials took away the unwanted thickness, making them a comfortable rendition.

Once the World War II came to an end, and the world was settling to the new and modern ways of life, tuxedo became an accepted evening do, which looked complete only with a dress shirt. This cemented their place in the fashion history, making them an essential for a classier appearance.

Over the last few years, a dress shirt has undergone certain tweaks, especially to accommodate the modern design, but the class and sophistication associated with a dress shirt have retained its place.

When can you wear a dress shirt?

Whenever the dress code says white and black tie, take a cue and wear your dress shirt. You really wouldn’t want to go around wearing a dress shirt with a pair of jeans. They just don’t fit. Yes, experimentation is possible, but the coveted shirts should be kept for special occasions strictly. Wearing a dress shirt with anything other than a tux is like crossing an (imaginary) line by a mile.

A note for the private label owners

If you are a private label owner who wants to woo the customers with the best wholesale private label shirts by becoming a part of the dress shirt trend, you need to know that a flawless dress shirt contains certain features. Those can be summarized as follows.

  • The material of a dress shirt is what matters the most. The best option is to get one that is made of voile. This particular fabric is light in weight and perfect for hot weather, especially when you are wearing it under a suit or a tuxedo.
  • Voile can be quite transparent but the key is to enhance the design using a heavier cloth to construct the bib in the front panel. Cotton can be a good choice for it is still breathable and soft on the skin, regardless the temperature.
  • The fit of a dress shirt can make a lot of difference. A well-fitted, well-made dress shirt can make a lot of difference to the status and appeal of the man wearing it. Hence, when you design them, make sure to keep the fit slim.
  • The dress bib is an additional layer and can be either plain or pleated. As mentioned in the previous points, it is better to keep the bib breathable and light, even though you can use a thicker material to construct it.
  • There are three most common types of dress shirts collars- namely, turndown collar, pointed collars, and cutaway collars. All of these collars can accommodate a tie.
  • The cuffs should be sleek and fuss-free with a single buttonhole.

If you want to design the best dress shirt, make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind. To get them manufactured in bulk, contact reputed private label shirts manufacturer who will help you get the dress shirt right. Register with them, provide them the design and be impressed with the final result that is sure to be stunning.

As for wearing them, make sure you use your dress shirt to the optimum and give it the right appeal and attention it deserves.


Dress Shirts and Everything You Need To Know About Them