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A Classic Polo Shirt and 3 Ways to Wear It without Looking Sloppy

When a polo shirt was introduced as a part of tennis clothing way back in the 1920s, they were fast enough to gain attention. It did take time to enter the mainstream clothing scene, but once it did, there was no stopping a polo shirt. While comfort was a leading factor to influence their popularity, it was their sophisticated appeal which made them a staple in a man’s wardrobe.

Over the years, polo shirts have undergone a lot of tweaks and changes, but their charm has remained undeterred. When wearing a polo shirt right, the appearance can be splendid, but a misstep can ruin your chances completely. To know how to wear a polo shirt appropriately, you need to know how to wear a polo shirt for different occasions. Here, a comprehensive view has been provided for your assistance. Keep reading to find out more.

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Occasion 1: Casual

When we think of a polo shirt, the setting usually doesn’t sync with that of casual. The appeal of a polo shirt is more suited for the golf course and the country club rather than going for a cup of coffee. However, it is time to break the cliché and take a more versatile approach. You might need time to get accustomed to entire casual polo attire, but once you do, the result is definitely stunning. To keep up with the casual vibe, you first need to sort your bottom wear. Opt for anything that is less tailored and more comfortable. A pair of joggers (in black, grey or navy) will work just fine. Leave the polo untucked but it shouldn’t go past your hip. Manufacturers of wholesale polo shirt have such versions in their inventory. Plimsolls matching the color of the rest of the ensemble will set the tone right.

Occasion 2: Smart Casual

If you come to think of it, a polo shirt was made for smart casual occasions. but if you still struggle to understand the difference between smart and casual, you will find the answer in a pair of chinos and loafers. These pieces maintain a perfect balance between the fine lines that split the two occasions. Combining a polo shirt with chinos and loafers is neither too formal nor too casual. Hence, it is smart casual. Choose in light colors to keep the tone relaxed but the fit should be silhouette hugging to get a flawless conventional point. This ensemble is clean and smart, enough to help you get attention from all the onlookers. to break the monotony of this attire, you can switch your chinos for a pair of tailored shorts (again in subtle shades) for they are just equally sleek.

Occasion 3: Formal

A polo worn underneath a tailored suit is simple yet effective. And maybe this is the key to getting the formal attire right. Keep things simple! Stay away from loud patterns for they do no justice to the occasion. Also, remember to tuck in the shirt inside your trousers to keep the look smooth and fitted. You can get custom polo shirts for they highlight your stature well. The tone of the clothes (every single piece) should be dark for they create a slimming illusion. Keep the bright colored polo for the casual settings. To look sharp, opt for footwear that includes either a pair of leather loafers or oxford shoes. No scuff, no pulling back- just a suit, a polo shirt and good shoes. You will be golden.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you give the classic polo a classy treatment by wearing it according to the mood of the different occasions. Retailers interested to make a purchase can register with the manufacturer today!


A Classic Polo Shirt and 3 Ways to Wear It without Looking Sloppy