Dress Shirts and Everything You Need To Know About Them

When 2018 began, quite a few items came under the spotlight. But stealing the maximum of it was the dress shirt. To know more about dress shirts, keep reading the following article.

The history of dress shirts

If you could travel back to the sixteenth century Europe, you would see the first appearance of a dress button down. Though they quickly descended to the undergarment section, their ability to hold sweat under an expensive piece of clothing was much useful, in the most abstract way.

But with time, the elite class of European men started wearing the crisp white shirt as a symbol of representing status. Only the wealthy men could afford it. And by the time the Victorian era rolled in and dinner jackets came into existence, the significance of a dress shirt rose prominently.

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The clumsy design was now being traded for a bib paneling near the chest. This gave the button down a more crisp appeal. The use of good quality materials took away the unwanted thickness, making them a comfortable rendition.

Once the World War II came to an end, and the world was settling to the new and modern ways of life, tuxedo became an accepted evening do, which looked complete only with a dress shirt. This cemented their place in the fashion history, making them an essential for a classier appearance.

Over the last few years, a dress shirt has undergone certain tweaks, especially to accommodate the modern design, but the class and sophistication associated with a dress shirt have retained its place.

When can you wear a dress shirt?

Whenever the dress code says white and black tie, take a cue and wear your dress shirt. You really wouldn’t want to go around wearing a dress shirt with a pair of jeans. They just don’t fit. Yes, experimentation is possible, but the coveted shirts should be kept for special occasions strictly. Wearing a dress shirt with anything other than a tux is like crossing an (imaginary) line by a mile.

A note for the private label owners

If you are a private label owner who wants to woo the customers with the best wholesale private label shirts by becoming a part of the dress shirt trend, you need to know that a flawless dress shirt contains certain features. Those can be summarized as follows.

  • The material of a dress shirt is what matters the most. The best option is to get one that is made of voile. This particular fabric is light in weight and perfect for hot weather, especially when you are wearing it under a suit or a tuxedo.
  • Voile can be quite transparent but the key is to enhance the design using a heavier cloth to construct the bib in the front panel. Cotton can be a good choice for it is still breathable and soft on the skin, regardless the temperature.
  • The fit of a dress shirt can make a lot of difference. A well-fitted, well-made dress shirt can make a lot of difference to the status and appeal of the man wearing it. Hence, when you design them, make sure to keep the fit slim.
  • The dress bib is an additional layer and can be either plain or pleated. As mentioned in the previous points, it is better to keep the bib breathable and light, even though you can use a thicker material to construct it.
  • There are three most common types of dress shirts collars- namely, turndown collar, pointed collars, and cutaway collars. All of these collars can accommodate a tie.
  • The cuffs should be sleek and fuss-free with a single buttonhole.

If you want to design the best dress shirt, make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind. To get them manufactured in bulk, contact reputed private label shirts manufacturer who will help you get the dress shirt right. Register with them, provide them the design and be impressed with the final result that is sure to be stunning.

As for wearing them, make sure you use your dress shirt to the optimum and give it the right appeal and attention it deserves.


Dress Shirts and Everything You Need To Know About Them



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