Watch Out For the New and Revised Styles Rules and Ideas for the Plus Size Women

People who are different from the popular style norms, be it the too curvy belles or the too skinny ones; they always have to stick to some rules and dress up in a set of traditional ways. Thankfully, the mind-set is changing, and the wholesale designers and manufacturers are bringing forth clothes for the plus size women that refurbish the idea of being curvy, and help them to try something new, and, of course, out-of- the-box. You cannot simply be too conscious with your body, and keep following the drab and banal norms, and hence the world of fashion has broken some of the old style rules for the curvy women, and introduced some new ones by revising them.

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If you are convinced that you look good only when you follow certain fashion guidelines, then it is time to break through the stereotypical ideas, and renew your relationship with plus size fashion in a very unique way. Since the past few years, the brand new collection of wholesale plus size clothes have changed a lot as the rules defining them have transformed completely.

Hence, to help you come out of the monotonous box, here is a list of the revised set of new style rules and ideas that plus size women must rejoice for.

Old rule: Never wear white

New rule: The style gurus and celebs must have been talking a lot about how black is the perfect color for the plus size women, and white derogates their looks. Well, this notion has changed and accepted just as a style myth. Your perfection in styling would be defined by the size and fit of the clothes, and not by the color you are wearing.  Rather, be confident in flaunting a white outfit, just make sure that the fabric is thick, and has a definite structure to help you look your best.

Old rule: Button down shirts are a big no-no

New rule:  Today, you will see that a reputed womens plus size shirts manufacturer has brought forth a wide assortment of plus size button down shirts for the curvy women, against the popular notion that they are unflattering.  But, according to experts, you just have to buy the right button down shirt with a definite silhouette, and also to give way to an elongated look, you can layer it under different layering options like coats, jackets, blazers or shrugs.

Old rule: Do not go for bright colored and printed clothes

New Rule: There has been a famous style myth for the plus size women that they should pick up the shirts, tops or the tees and dresses that are adorned with huge prints and bright colors.  Today, the designers and style bloggers have made an important point by debunking this myth that bright colors and prints are always flattering, just make sure they’re in proportion to the scale of the body, and also complement your skin complexion.

Old rule: Single colored outfits are always safe

New rule: Did you know that always throwing the random monochromatic piece can actually make you look sloppy and sluggish?  Well, the single colored outfits do create the slimming illusion, but they are never the safest options.  Rather, you should drop the idea, and mix different textures and fabrics with different shades of a similar color tone. This would work better than the completely boring monochromes.

Thus, instead of sticking to the basics, you should be badass enough to flaunt your curves by trying out the trendiest options that are available in the clothing market.


Watch Out For the New and Revised Styles Rules and Ideas for the Plus Size Women