Enviable Designs In Dress Shirts To Keep An Eye Out For

A dress shirt is primarily a button-up shirt that is tailored to carry a jacket and tie. They are fun and attractive alternatives to typical shirts that can be worn and carried-off with ease on any occasion and are especially good for office-wear. Dress shirts are extremely comfortable and come in a variety of different designs and fabrics, suited for different events and time of the day. They are elegant and chic and come in various prints and colors,as well, depending on the customer’s requirements. Leading dress shirt manufacturers are exploring new horizons and coming up with classic designs that will leave your customers astounded.

Here are the various types of dress shirts that retailers need to get their hands on this season:

Classy checkered dress shirts

Checkered shirts are a customer’s favorite option when it comes to office-wear. Appearing in a range of bright colors as well as muted pastel hues, these shirts are tailored to fit the frame perfectly. Made of premium quality fabric, checkered dress shirts are appropriate for men looking for a change and are bored with the solid monochromatic shirts while going to the office. Also, these shirts are the perfect apparel for making a quick shift from office-wear to party-wear without having to change.

Formal dress shirts for everyday comfort

Customers often want to stay rooted to the basics when it comes to dress shirts for everyday office-wear. This is why they opt for formal shirts that are tailored to perfection and made up of lightweight and breathable fabric to impart comfort throughout the day. These shirts help to add personality, poise and elegance to your frame and leave an everlasting impression on your peers in the office.

Quirky and fashionable designer shirts

Designer shirts are those quirky pieces of apparel that are trendy options for those who don’t want to choose mundane shirts every day. Undoubtedly the best in recent launches, designer shirts come in a textured base with duo chromatic touches on the collars and inner lining. These shirts are the perfect blend of playful and classy that is best for wearing on parties, informal meets and occasions. Pockets and contrasting panels on the sleeves make them eye-catchingly attractive and are sure to turn heads and make you stand out in a crowd.

Leading dress shirt manufacturers and now exploring new horizons and making 3d t-shirt wholesale which are trending this season. Retailers should at once get their hands on these recently launched designs without further ado, to stay updated on the latest trends in men’s apparel.

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