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Elegant Ways You Can Dress Up A Shirt For The Colorful Season

If you were to arrange your closet from formal to ultra fancy, the shirt is one such item of clothing that would fit in all the categories. This specific piece of clothing has garnered a lot of attention for its uber cool ultra versatile style. Both men and women can style the basic shirt into numerous different ways and create a statement pieces worth the Instagram post.

In fact owing to the demand for classic shirts in the market, wholesale women shirts manufacturers have come up with an elegant collection that you cannot afford to miss. These are made with quality certified fabric which is super comfortable and durable as well. Hence read on to know more about the outfit styles you can wear this year.

Plaid Outfit

A white oxford shirt is one of the essential classic clothing you can invest in. These look great when paired with pants as much as skirts. Hence, this spring you can wear one with a midi length plaid skirt. To add a pop of color to the outfit, a pair of bright red heels will do the trick.

Blazer Weather

For all the fussy client meets, layer a chunky blazer over a black shirt. For the pants you can opt for a classic denim jeans or even trouser. The best way to channel your inner diva is by wearing an animal print blazer which the neutral shirt. For the shoes, you can either opt for something in black or play around with accents like leather.

Slip Away

Slip dresses are mostly worn with t-shirts. But you an channel the country girl vibe with a shirt as well. Hence, select a pastel toned shirt that you can wear with a floral dress. This outfit will look really good for a day date as well as an outdoor party with friends for the summer. You can also opt for this outfit for a feminine vacation attire. For the shoes, you can either select strappy flats or heels to complete the look.

The Retro Move

A plain white shirt will look really cool with a pair of high-waisted jeans. You can incorporate a modern version of 70’s look by clenching a metal belt around the waist as well. This outfit is perfect for the impromptu lunch date with bae or friends. In case of the shoes, a vintage brown leather boots will be perfect to channel some wild west vibes. You can also swap the boots for a pair of peep toe heels as well.

Mandarin Masala

How about stylish a Chinese collared white shirt with a silk mandarin short skirt. You don’t have to go completely Chinese with your outfit and can wear a vintage shirt with the skirt as well. In case of the skirt it will be advisable to select something in silk so that you can pair the matte shirt with a help of a few minimalistic jewelry pieces. For the shoes, select a pair of sparkly boots as it will definitely complement for skirt.

Color Block Alternative

Since spring is already here, you can color block a formal outfit to make it look a lot less boring and fun! Thus, pair a pale yellow shirt with a royal blue pencil skirt and fuchsia boots. The fuchsia boots will definitely help to accentuate the outfit.

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