5 Tips To Look Your Best in Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are not just shirts, they have gone beyond man’ simple expectations and have come to be recognized as the global staple of style, elegance and professionalism. Being one of the most essential stylewears, every man has at least a few or a bulk in his closet. You cannot throw on one casually but wearing one you need to make sure that you look your best in it.

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Here are 5 ways following which you can look great in a dress shirt.

  • Choice of colors

If you are someone who has heard about dress shirts, willing to get some, but is clueless about how to wear one, then remember that the first two colors on which you should set your target is blue and white as even if you lack a great fashion sense, these colors will help you in looking good in almost anything you decide to put on. Once you have had them, follow up with a navy blue. Once you have chosen the flexible colors, you may want to experiment with patterns and prints, eventually going for more bold and vibrant ones.

  • Know your patterns

Patterns add to the sophistication of a dress shirt– the simpler it is, the classier your shirt looks. The common checked patterns are a unanimous choice for men. These are available in different colors and densities. Having plans for the weekend, get ready to chill in the checked-patterned dress shirt. A must have for men who are fitness freak. The next type has a different story altogether, initially launched in 1944, as womenswear in the form of nurse uniforms, the candy stripes have made a place in men’ section of clothing as well. Choosing colors like light blue or pink, you can do well by blending them with your white dress shirt. The moody track stripes are considered a best fit for casual settings but not really a match if you are thinking of it as a workwear.

  • Playing with textures

When it comes to textures, one should always start with smooth cotton. Cotton will make you look great, irrespective of the event, formal or casual. If you have a laidback style, then you can always experiment with linen, chambray and so on. A tip would be to start simple.

  • Choose the cuffs right

The most highlighted features of a dress shirt are the cuffs and collars. If you are a man who is concerned about his image among women the most then you should know that a popular survey found that most women are attracted to men going for French cuffs. Considered more formal but are still accepted in casual settings. If not necessarily the French cuffs, you can always pick your own style. How about the barrel cuff or the two button rounded cuff?

  • Always keep them tucked in

Remember, the basic difference between an attractive dress shirt and a casual shirt is that the former is significantly longer than a casual one. They are designed to be tucked in and if you consider experimenting here, you break the ground rule and are likely to get rewarded with more awkward glances than appreciative looks.

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