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What’s the Fuss about Flannel?

Flannel is one of the most popular clothing options today and is a rage especially during the winter and rainy seasons. Flannels are worn by all genders, all income and age groups, backgrounds and beyond. Outdoorsmen, hipsters, grunge enthusiasts, parents, children, fashionistas and on and on.

Here’s where we examine all about flannel, the fuss about flannel and the reasons for the growing popularity of flannel.

What is Flannel?

Made from cotton, wool and synthetic fibers, flannels are more durable and warm during winters than most other options in the market. While flannel can be used with or without brushing, brushing the fabric does ensure a fuzzier texture which works very well for some wearers. Flannel shirts usa have more insulating properties than other fabrics made from other fabrics because they made by loosely weaving the yearn which ensures flannels have more air pockets in the fibers.

Flannel vs. Plaid

Though commonly misunderstood, flannel is the not the same as plaid. Flannel refers to the fabric and weave of a shirt, where as plaid refers to the pattern. Since wholesale plaid flannel shirt are extremely popular it causes a fair bit of confusion among the masses. Flannel was first used in plaids and that’s how the association and probable misunderstanding all began. But no matter what the popular misconstrued opinion is, the facts remain sacrosanct – Plaid is a pattern, flannel is a fabric.


Believed to have originated in either Scotland or Wales, flannel was initially made from yarns which were finer and heavier than other yarns. Technological advancements and the availability of sheep eventually made it easier to produce flannel over the course of time and that immensely helped in the growth of the popularity of flannel. Flannel was produced in USA much later than else and at the height of the industrial revolution. The fabric quickly became associated with the working class as it was often worn by workers building the railroad system.

Flannel in Popular Culture

In the last couple of years, flannel has really emerged as a symbol of the working class population. The popularity of flannel has been helped by various celebrities who have publicly worn it in the past, including the likes of American Senator Lamar Alexander in 1978 and bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana in the 1990s.