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Trending Designs in Flannel Shirts to Look Forward To

A part of high street fashion, flannel shirts are for women who are always on the go! The loose and comfortable fit of these shirts make them ideal for the hot summer months. Shirts can usually be quite a hassle during summer. Some corporate sectors have made it comfortable for employees to wear shirts to office as a part of the company’s code of ethics. Here is where flannel shirts come into play. These shirts are the epitome of comfort and get softer with every wash. The best flannel shirt supplier in the US provides a range of different styles in flannel shirts that you need to get your hands on for your customers today!

The right fabric for the right season

Customers have different requirements for different seasons and skin types. Flannels come in options such as wool flannel and cotton flannel. Wool flannels are ideal for the winter seasons and they trap in air and keep the body warm for long hours. On the contrary, cotton flannel is optimal for the sultry summer seasons when wool flannels can get uncomfortable. Moreover, some people are sensitive to wool and have an allergic reaction to it. For them, cotton flannels are organic and skin-friendly choices that keep discomfort and irritability at bay.

Best of blues

One of the most recent trends in flannel shirts are the varieties of the shirts available in different shades of blue. Undoubtedly, blue has been the color of the season. The cool shade complements each and every complexion and adds a touch of subtlety and elegance to the apparel. Among the most trending shades of blue, customers are going for cobalt blue, Persian blue, azure and indigo. These colors are combined with complementary shades to come up with mesmerizing checkered patterns that sets them a class apart.

Color combinations to die for!

Why choose the same old color combinations when designers are putting up better options? The most recently launched styles in flannel shirts incorporate quirky color combinations that would sweep your customers right off their feet. These new launches include duo chromatic shades like cream and blue, maroon and off-white and orange and electric blue. Tricolor combinations are also making inroads into the world of flannels with maroon, blue and pink hues combined together into one piece of apparel that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Retailers and private level business owners who are ambitious enough to expand their prospects should be articulate enough to invest in the best men’s shirt manufacturers in the US, so as to get hold of the latest trends in flannel shirts for men.