How To Notch Up Your Flannel Shirts? Watch Out For Some Rocking Tips!

The grunge style inspired flannel shirts are back to the fashion scene today, and definitely creating a buzz amongst the fashion forward men and women. Comfortable, cosy, lightweight and embossed with the classic plaid patterns, these shirts are never going to fade away from the fashion scenario. Be it the casual look with a lot of junk accessories, or tucked into the formal trouser to reflect a very sombre look, there is an array of ways to wear these versatile shirts.

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The leading manufacturers and wholesale hubs are adding the retail stores with the designer bulk flannel shirts and you can get them in a medley of colors, cuts, designs, silhouettes and a lot more details. Thus, pick the one that suits you, and notch them up using your personal style definitions.

Here are some of the ideas to spruce them up for a number of silhouettes.

Layer and More Layers

You need to consider the flannel shirts more as jackets, and less as shirts. The shackets trend is crazily followed, and the plaid flannel shirts come forward to help you in this. Juts add them to your tank top or graphic tee, or even to your single colored plain dress to add some innovative and different. This will allow you to exude a very interesting fashion stance effortlessly. The flannel shirts worn as jackets just should have some color coordination with your clothing counterpart.

Stick To Sneakers

No matter how you have dresses up (except for office), the flannel these days go best with the sneakers. This gives you a very athletic feel and definitely a scope to flaunt the athleisure style trend too. The sneakers in simple white, or single shades or even in neons and prints can be added to your flannel shirts, and look fiercely smart and tomboyish. The leading flannel shirts manufacturers are bringing in an array of flannel shirts to add to the retail stores, and they can be effortlessly coordinated with the sneakers.

The Long Pendants or Chokers?

The flannel shirts are generally very simple and plain, and for parties or travel scenes you need to deck them up with the accessories. This includes the long pendants and chokers that come in a variety of designs and colors. Apart from the usual modern long pendant neckpieces, the retro chokers are also very much trendy today, and can be done with the flannel shirts easily.

Thus, go to your favourite retail store and add the flannel shirts crafted by the reputed flannel shirts wholesale distributors to your closet.