Men Can Swoon Over The Wholesale Denim Shirts in Different Stylish Ways

Talking about the impactful items for men’s fashion, we cannot definitely deny the importance that the denim fabric has been surfacing since time immemorial. The iconic jean pant or the chambray shirt, a man’s wardrobe is incomplete and drab without the quintessential denim outfits. This rugged and acid washed material calls forth for a number of style ideas, and the denim shirts have been capable of facing the toughest fashion challenges. With the stereotypical edgy stance, they have survived the onslaughts of time. With the capability to be turned into a number of attires, in a myriad of ways, the denim shirts exude practicality, versatility and a raw style statement that is irreplaceable.

wholesale denim shirts manufacturer

The wholesale designers and manufacturers have come up with a variety of cuts, and styles of the conventional denim shirts, with modish twist. This menswear essential can be found in the vintage silhouette, to the oversized sloppy design, and a lot more to come to one’s rescue. A part of both casual and formal wear, the chambray shirts mark the return of the classic times. Thus, if you are wondering on how to be a pro in wearing the wholesale denim shirts, here are some style ideas to fall for.

Turn into a layer

The sleek simplicity of the denim shirts can be used replacing the grunge flannel shirt. Get the off duty look with the chambray shirt worn as a layer unbuttoned, over a single colored tee or even a shirt for casual occasions. The darker denim on the top with lighter one as your bottom wear is an effortless way to play on the casual and easy going vibes.

Go smarty-sassy this holiday

Who said that only women have the right to be all chic and sassy for the holidays? The go to piece in the form of a denim shirt will end up adding a very smarty stance to your demeanour. The well fitted denim shirt and chino short combo, worn with Converse, sandals or Havaianas, will always work for the spring or summer holidays.

The rocker Beckham style

David Beckham has been the non-official spokesperson for the chambray shirts it seems, as he has mostly seen clad in the denim shirts for casual occasions. This vintage piece has been mastered by him in uncaring and unique ways. He is known for his famous way of tucking the chambray shirt: half the shirt tucked into the waist leaving the other carelessly.

80’s hint: The air tie

Get the youthful and retro vibe with the age old denim shirt for the formal and social occasions. Go ahead with wearing them with the dress shirts, the air tie is worn with skinny suits, denim shirts buttoned up and tucked in works best with earthly, natural tones like khakis or brown leather watches and belts. This can definitely be your attire for the office parties or even to the weddings and engagements.

Suit up with modishness

Get the chivalrous charm with the right amount of prep for the date nights and even for the meetings in office as you suit up the denim shirts. Wear them below the lighter cottons and also heavy tweeds to get the right contrast of textures, and get the structured or unstructured silhouette depending upon the occasion.

Semi-formal ensemble

Get the perfect semi-formal ensemble with the cardigan with prints, or the leather jacket and end up looking perfect. Thus, make the denim shirt acts as the statement piece.

Thus, get the variety of shirts from the denim and flannel shirts wholesale distributors, and look hip and happening.


Men Can Swoon Over The Wholesale Denim Shirts in Different Stylish Ways