Here’s Why Private Label Polo Shirts Are Destined For Success

In the past couple of years the demand for private label brands has gone through the roof mainly on the account of rising awareness among the masses who consider there being no tangible difference  between products from  private label brands and the popular brands. Private label products are on an average 30% cheaper than national brands and the impetus to save more without sacrificing on quality is a deal breaker for many to switch to private label products. Private label products are made by the same manufacturers who produce products for the same popular brands. There is very little tangible difference in quality or the materials used, just the difference in labeling. Also referred to as “white label”, it is a product or chain of products which are exclusively manufactured for a retailer.

The retailer markets the product under his or her own brand name and the prices usually are  set cheaper than competing name brands. Majority of the private label products already exist and need only a few minor changes to be made by the manufacturer before they can be delivered to the retailer. Anything from shoes to foods to clothes, comes within the meaning and purpose of private label products. There has been a rising prevalence of stores launching their own brand of polo shirts in the market given the universally popular appeal of the latter.

Given the mass appeal and demand for polo shirts, standalone retail store are also jumping on the bandwagon to capture a pie of this market by launching their own line of private label polo shirts. Polo t-shirts have mass popularity and are considered a wardrobe staple for many people across  industries, activities, and professions. Few casual wear options for men ooze class and elegance like the polo t-shirts and that’s the reason why they are all over the place today, right from the boardroom to  the golf course and even on your favorite barista. Here are a couple of reasons why private label polo shirts are destined for success and why you should buy one, if you haven’t already!

Extremely Economical

Since private label brands spend absolutely nothing on market they are able to avail economies of scale through bulk buying and the lower cost is effectively passed onto the consumer. This works for both parties concerned because the only thing stopping people from buying more polo shirts appears to be their affordability. Now when private label polos are cheaper than the premium alternatives on the market with hardly any distinguishable attributes in quality, they are expected to get a lot of buyers.

Wide Array of Options

The business model of private label brands is very similar to premium brands except in terms of scale, size and marketing. So even standalone retail stores can be expected to house polos in a wide range of fabrics, styles that they can offer to woo their target audience. For normal private label t-shirts, many stores offer an array of apparel customization services sourced from their suppliers that allows customers to create the look they have in mind. This can include  embroidery, embellishing, and screen printing.

 Quality Over Quantity

That’s the major reason for the success of store brands in the first place and the trendy is all likely to extend to white label shirts as the consumers are expecting to get the same quality for a cheaper price. Till the overwhelming public perception stays affirmative for private label and all of its offerings it is likely to augur well for the private label market. The average consumer believes that a  private label t shirt manufacturer may also be a manufacturer  of premium t-shirts available for sale in the market and since this hypothesis is not far away from the truth, it augurs well for the future of the private label market.

Popularity of Polos

Polo have an allure of their own which extends well beyond the sport of polo as they can easily be put worn for business casual wardrobe, or team shirts for some casual events. Polo shirts have mass popularity and are considered a wardrobe staple for many people across  industries, activities, and professions. People absolutely love the polo’s , swear by them and wear them repeatedly. Not only are they classic and comfortable, they have a high level of compatibility with  pants, shorts or a casual skirt. Remaining classy all through, there are few clothing options out there, which are so versatile and easy-to-wear.

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