Flannel Shirts are Excellent for All Occasions

Traditionally, flannel shirts were made by weaving together a combination of worsted yarn and carded wool, but today they are woven either from synthetic fiber and wool or cotton and wool. These shirts mostly feature a plaid or checked pattern, though they might also be available in solid colors and patterns such as floral and Navajo prints. These shirts became quite popular during the late 1980s when grunge music was at its height. The shirts started representing the signature style of popular bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

Primarily a casual garment, the shirts can also be dressed up and dressed down depending on its style and the accessories and garments worn with it. Although, they are available in different colors, most people prefer white flannel shirt because the color white goes with almost everything and it helps one to look sophisticated, formal and yet very sober. If you own one of these in your wardrobe, you will never have to be too stressed when dressing up for a corporate meeting or heading out to attend a party.

Need ideas to wear your favorite flannel shirt and make a bold style-statement? Scroll down.

  • If you want to achieve a simple and casual look, wear it with a pair of shorts or leggings. The color of the bottoms does not matter when you are wearing white since it goes perfectly well with all colors. You could choose from boots to sneakers to complete the look.
  • Team it up with a pair of smart denim jacket, slim-fit jeans and tie your hair up in a bun for the corporate look.
    • Heading out for a party? No problem at all. You could always wear your favorite flannel shirt tucked in a skirt with rolled up sleeves and a pair of nice looking earrings and bold bracelet. You can choose to let your hair down or put a clutch. Heels would look perfect for the occasion.

There are numerous other ways to wear your white flannel shirt. Keep experimenting till you achieve that right look!


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