Flannel Shirt Outfits Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite Music Genres

When it comes to flannel clothing, it’s like love at first sight, you cannot avoid buying one for yourself. These are super comfortable, stylish and versatile. Basically it has all the traits that qualities it as part of a person’s classic wardrobe collection. If you look back at the flannel history, you can trace its origins to 17th century Wales where the plaid pattern was first created. The European roots of this humble American clothing makes it quite diversely interesting. Hence, owing to how far this design has travelled, we have compiled a list of stylish ways you can wear a flannel clothing according to your favorite music genre.

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Blues traces its origin to the African-American influences and transverses a wide range of emotions. Characterized by its distinct bass and deep instrumental sound, if you want to channelize blues in your clothing, then opt for a simple outfit inspired by the black history of America. For this all you need is a wide legged deep wash jeans that can be worn with a lose fitted flannel shirt. For the shoes stick to humble brogues.

Euro Disco

Euro disco is the variety of European forms of electronic dance music. The world famous EDM has its base in Amsterdam which has presented the world with great DJ’s like Avicii, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, etc. Hence if you want to channel a trance European EDM vibe into your clothing then opt for a leather leggings that can be worn with an oversized flannel shirt. To add some definition to the silhouette, clench a wide blingy belt around the waist.

Country Music

Country music originated in the southern states of America and traces its origin to the western folk and blues music. It is like a soothing blend of the chords derived from both these music genre types. Taylor Swift is one of the popular artist who helped lift the country vibes into the world forum. Thus, if you want to dress up like a country music star, make sure to opt for a pastel toned flannel shirt that can be worn over a lace dress.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop or rap is a music genre that was developed in the 1970’s by the African- Americans due express their cultural and societal situation in the form of rhythmic poetry. This genre gave birth to different types of sub-cultures which later went on to produce eminent artists in the same Diaspora. Thus, if you want to dress up like a hip-hop music enthusiast the nest way to flaunt your flaunt your flannel style is by wrapping the shirt around your waist. All you need to do is adorn a neutral toned tee and black jeans. Wrap the shirt around the waist and complete the outfit with a pair of statement converse.

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