Flannel Shirt Types That Your Store Shelves Must House For 2019

Flannel shirts have been voted as the most cherished wardrobe staples that the world cannot get enough of. If you are the owner of your own private label clothing brand, housing flannel shirts can be your ticket to instant glory. If you are wondering about the types that will fetch you maximum attention from target buyers, here are a few options you can request your wholesale flannel shirt manufacturers right away for record sale all through the year…

Classics And Regular Fits – They may be regular, but they are classic; therefore, demand for classic regular flannel shirts are least likely to die out any time in the near or far future. These evergreen options are loved by men, women and kids alike and are also compatible with innumerable casual and semi formal occasions. While placing orders for classic regular flannel shirts, focus on…

  • Classic checks, be it plaid, windowpane, madras etc
  • The brightest array of colours (right from pastels to shades of blue, red, green, yellow and more)
  • A balance between regular fits and slim fits
  • Applicability ranging from strictly casual wear and semi formals to party clothing

Top bulk flannel shirts manufacturers these days are getting more and more innovative with classics which will ensure that you have a plethora of options to choose from and customize upon.

Plain Pastel Flannels – Plain pastel flannels are classy and soothing to the eyes as well. They therefore, form an integral part of the wardrobes of people that love dressing arrestingly but with minimum bling. Pastel pinks, green, blue and khaki are very popular with buyers these days and will also remain in demand till the end of this decade.

Strictly Work Wear – While creating a collection with the intention of achieving maximum sale, focusing on flannel work wear is really important. Ordering bulk flannel shirts that are relevant for all seasons office wear will keep your store active and brimming with buyers the year long. While ordering work wear flannel shirts however, here are a few fears you need to shed in order to invite an exciting collection your customers would want to return for over and over again…

You don’t necessarily have to opt for light pastel colours only. You can experiment with bolder shades as well

While classic lumberjacks can be given a rest, checks like smaller window panes, hounds-tooth, gingham and tatterstall can be given a fair shot

Try different types of fits, collars and fall. Diversity will expand your client base many times over.


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