Five Types of Cuffs You Should Know About

Full Audio Version: Five Types of Cuffs You Should Know About

It is time to show some linen. When was the first time you heard this phrase? Well, factually, it comes from the concept of wearing jackets over shirts that allowed you to show off your cuffs. Shirts were first made from linen, eventually as the clothing industry developed and grew, new materials like cotton and fleece were used to manufacture shirts

Cuffs dictate the formality of a shirt. While cuffs with links are considered to be the most formal, cuffs with buttons were regarded as the least formal shirts of all. Cuffs serve as an enclosure to the wrists and came into style around the 15-18th centuries. They were additional pieces of clothing sewn at the end of each sleeve of a shirt. People belonging to the high social stratas used to wear them and since then they have established themselves as a popular fashion statement. Still now, shirts with cuffs are an important feature of formals and are followed throughout the world. Mens dress shirts wholesale suppliers have various different types and designs of cuffs in their collection. They provide a wide variety of options to customize your formals.

Read on to this blog more to find out how many types of cuffs one must know about.

Cuffs that don’t cuff the possibilities

There are mainly five kinds of cuff designs that mark and grade the quality of formal shirts. You should always be aware of the technicalities of your clothing, especially if you are interested in maintaining your style factor.

  1. Single cuffs – Suiting the best with wing collar shirts, these are rare to get off the shelf. They resemble barrel cuffs but have a different style of closing that is using a cufflink.

  2. Button cuffs or barrel cuffs – Found most commonly in fashion-forward shirts, and in general one of the most used kinds of cuffs, they have a vertical positioning of buttons with a ¾ inche space in between. Common wear and business wear bear this kind of cuffs.

  3. Convertible cuffs – These are another uncommon example of cuffs. They are especially used in custom made clothes. They resemble double cuffs but more often they are manufactured to resemble barrel cuffs.

  4. French cuffs or double cuffs – They are longer than single cuffs and double back over itself to fasten. They require cufflinks for closing and are very popular in England. These were replaced by barrel cuffs in popularity around the twentieth century.

Here is a list of places where you can find French cuffs, that are also known as double cuffs-

Black tie events – Events that require you to wear tuxedos as an objection are called black tie events.

Weddings – Boost your personality on weddings, show off your cuffs.

Casual wear – Casual attires can also bear French cuffs.

Business wear – Business meetings and parties are a must event to wear your precious French cuffs.

5. Cocktail cuffs – Also known as the casino cuff, turnback cuff, Portofino cuff and James Bond cuff. They are a kind of barrel cuff that has a double length cuff folded over till the hems form a horizontal line. It is regarded by connoisseurs as one of the highest forms of formal fashion.

How to customize your attire with cuffs?

Well, there are some features that you can correlate to construct an amazing outfit!

  1. Color – The colour of your shirt must dictate the color of your cuffs. Choose your color palette wisely while getting your cuffs and the buttons.

  2. Shape – There are three shapes of cuffs, namely, square and rounded. Tally the shape of your shirt with the desired shape of your cuffs. This is important as the cuffs accentuate the entire cutting of the shirt.

  3. Design and embroidery – You must keep in mind the pattern on your shirt, or the embellishments if any.

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Apply your aesthetic sense to choose which cuff to wear.

The history of shirts has been rich. Starting from linen to cotton and now biodegradable clothes, the clothing industry has come a long way. The engineering required and the creativity essential to the making of garments takes an immense amount of effort. And given the given scenario, the industry has been pretty successful in ensuring that. The topmost sports t shirt manufacturer and custom shirt manufacturers USA provide you with a variety of ranges of shirts to choose from. Get the best that suits you the best. You are sure not to get disappointed. So hurry up! Place your order now!

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