Five Styling Tips with Simple Polo Shirts For Men!

Polo shirts are just like the timeless classics – can you deny that? Starting from the days of Gregory Peck to the era of Tom Cruise, Polo shirts have been almost a subconscious choice for men who have a classy sense of style. Even now, polo shirts haven’t lost its past glory and ubiquitously exist in the fashion arena.

The top clothing manufacturers are blending this classic attire with the latest technologies and coming up with the latest versions of wholesale polo shirts for men such as the slim fits or printed ones. If you are style conscious enough and wish to try different looks, then here are five ways to look fashionable with polo shirts.

Check these out and be the eye-catcher at any party.

Wear It With Buttons Up:

Polo shirts have a small line of buttons that men usually love to keep open. But if you want to look a bit different, try out the button up style. It will give you a modern and a gentlemanly appearance. If you can, pair it up with a hat and you are ready to steal the gazes on the street. Choose the right fit so that it does not feel too tight or choky.

Pair it up with Blazers:

So you have a date and you don’t know what to wear to make your new girlfriend go crazy about you? Pair up your stylish polo shirt with a blazer and you are ready to mesmerize your lady love! Keep a lovely contrast of colours like beige and black or black and red as it will highlight both your attires and make you look super stylish. Just one more piece of advice, keep the collars out!

Wear Jackets For Formal Look:

Jackets have their own unique place when it comes to fashion accessories. If you pair up your jackets with polo t-shirts, it can give you the perfect formal look. Wear them to office or any other formal party and you will certainly be praised for your sense of style. Choose the slim-fit polo shirts that will accentuate your well-built chest and abs half revealed through the jacket.

Keep it Loose for a casual appearance:

Some men make the mistake of tucking their polo shirts in. But it does not give a casual appeal. Rather keeping it loose can lend you the perfect off-the-cuff look which you can sports when you are among your friends.

As polo shirts are a stylish clothing option, those who are in retail business can easily pull more customers by bringing these in their collection of clothes. The shirt manufacturers have arrived online with their stock of clothes and retailers can easily place their bulk orders through email and get the wholesale polo shirts for men delivered to their doorstep.


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