Breaking Down The Winter Necessity Of Flannel Shirts!

As the festive season draws nearer, flannel seems to be magically reappearing on the featured products list once more. But what is it about this style and fabric and makes it keep coming back, every time we start moving away from the sun on our orbits?

There is no denying that flannel definitely has a winter connection – but the question is why? We thought, it is something worth answering – not just because people want to know, but also because it shall explain what makes wholesale flannel shirts great! Want to find out? Let’s take a look –

1. It’s Soft Woven Fabric

Since flannel is woven from wool, cotton, or artificial fabric, there is no question o the level of comfort it provides during the cold season. There is an inherent softness in the material that makes it a great experience to wear, when there is a nip in the air.

Also, the weave traps air between the spaces and that makes it a very good insulator – trapping body heat inside and preventing it from escaping – thus keeping you warm.

2. Flannel Is Sturdy Material

No flannel shirts wholesale distributors are going to disagree about the sturdiness of the fabric. Flannel is immensely so – made of long yarns, it does not tear with slightest provocations, and can hold things off against rough terrain.

This is one of the main reasons why you will notice the signature plaid design of these shirts being used by brands to promote their adventure and outdoor collections. When it comes to being tough – this fabric stands on its own, much like the lumberers and cowboys that wear it!

3. Plaid Fashion Is The Bedrock Of Top Wear Layering

With fall finally here and the air becoming a little chilled every other day, there is no question as to what makes the flannel popular. This fabric and shirt is the very parent of layering in fashion, and its winter affinity makes this extremely appealing.

People who like wearing plaid flannel shirts over their inner t shirt layers, have a gala time now since they score two birds with a single stone. As bulk flannel shirts manufacturers would want, their style remains on point while keeping it functional!

These are the three reasons why flannel and plaid shirts are a winter necessity – and that is what makes it so great. Still looking for a reason to buy them? In fact, if you are a clothing apparel retailer, you should buy it in bulk!


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