What You Need To Know About Dress Shirts To Stay Ahead In The Style Game

A dress shirt’s importance is not related to whether you like to wear a suit or not. In fact, it’s something that you will need one day or the other. Even if you are a casual everyday shirt and trousers kind of guy, you would need to go for a well-ironed, crisp dress shirt someday.

Not only for a job interview but you might need to wear one at your friend’s wedding. Dress shirts are a must-have for every modern man. A renowned shirt manufacturing unit offers an enormous collection of refined, durable, and comfortable mens designer dress shirts wholesale at a reasonable price!

What you should know about dress shirts

There are many people who have a problem identifying dress shirts. If you too feel confused, then know this, a dress shirt is any shirt that comes with collars, cuffs, and buttons, and can be easily worn with a suit or a tie. Usually, these shirts are manufactured in subtle colors so that they can go with any kind of normal ties or bow ties and tuxedos or suits. The length of these shirts is kept longer than usual shirts so that they can be easily tucked in.

Generally, these shirts are made up of cotton and display clean and fine lines and stitches. These days, some dress shirt manufacturers have introduced collars and pockets that can be buttoned down as well. These shirts are very comfortable to wear and can be worn at different events and occasions other than just at work. The reason? They give an individual a classy and sophisticated look.

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3 types of dress shirts you should consider investing in:

In the market, there are different kinds of dress shirts available these days. Each of these shirts comes with different patterns, fabrics, colors, and specifications which makes it hard for you to select the right shirt. Given below are the 3 basic kinds of dress shirts that you would need in your wardrobe:

Pure-white dress shirt:

Be it any kind of emergency situation, a pure-white dress shirt will always be your lifesaver. By buying it, you will never regret your decision. A simple pure-white dress shirt that displays stiff collars always works great and you can totally rely on it.

It can go with any type of suit that you have and can pair well with any type of tie that you want to combine it with. Just like how suitable it is for a formal meeting, it works smoothly for a formal dinner too. Above all, it matches perfectly with casual clothing pieces such as jeans and jackets.

Baby blue dress shirt:

A baby blue dress shirt comes next. It’s another versatile color that you can easily partner with any dark-colored tie and suit. If for some or the other reason, white isn’t your color then you can’t miss this one.

Such a blue shirt can offer you a clean look and is great for every kind of event and occasion. The best ones are those, where the collars can be buttoned down as well. When you pair it with any dark-colored tie and suit, it offers you an elevated look.

Subtle pattern dress shirt:

The subtle pattern dress shirt looks oh-so-sophisticated. Imagine a gentle print on a pale pink or any other light-colored dress shirt. Doesn’t it feel so eye-soothing?

It’s never going to fail to make an impression in the eyes of the viewer. A striped pattern looks awesome. If you are someone who loves to save money then you can go for a subtle print on a white or a blue dress shirt as it will go with anything you decide to wear.

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