A Comprehensive Guide On Shirt Materials For Your Business

Dealing with shirts is profitable since they are used by people all over the world and for different purposes. Men, women, and even kids can use them in both casual as well as formal settings.

Are you thinking about starting a shirt business soon? If so, then by connecting with a shirt supplier, the most important thing that you would need to consider is the material.

Shirts can be crafted out of hundreds of different fabrics, however, not all are the best for your business. Given below is a list that discusses the most preferred fabrics, often chosen by established entrepreneurs. Read till the end to have complete knowledge in this area.


The most popular shirt material, poplin, is a plain weave fabric that has a breathable, cool, and smooth feel to it. It is a top-quality, superfine tightly woven fabric. Dress shirts are often constructed out of it. However, if you want a completely opaque fabric then this is not for you. It’s slightly transparent, thin, lightweight, and unfortunately often prone to wrinkles. But then again, it’s hardly an issue, since once pressed, it easily gets a smooth and crisp touch. Manufacturers often use it to make quality wholesale mens shirts, especially formal ones.

Fine cotton

American Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton— fine cotton like these are the most desirable and best fabrics for making shirts. However, they can be pretty expensive as well since they are all crafted from the fibers of the same plant with cotton known as added long staple length. In other words, they can be made into strong and fine yarns with which these materials are made of. They have a two-ply construction and are the softest with a very high thread count. If you want to give your valued customers the best experience, then consider investing in these. Out of the two types mentioned, Egyptian cotton is the finest.

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Twill is a fabric weave and many materials that are made in this weave such as cavalry and denim are all very famous for making shirts. Twill weave is heavier than poplin, silk, or cotton and makes the fabrics very soft to the touch. It’s strong and durable and hangs well on any body shape. Premium-quality twill is resistant to wrinkles, easy to press, and a little shiny.


Especially for making winter shirts, flannel is a favorite of the manufacturers. It can either be a blend of wool and cotton or cashmere and cotton, or it can be 100% pure cotton. It has a soft fuzzy and warm feel. When it has been brushed to remove its fibers and lint, it’s known as brushed cotton. Coming with super-insulating quality, mens flannel shirts wholesale from a renowned shirt manufacturing hub can be perfect to present to your customers when the temperature is chilly. Additionally, they can offer people a grunge fashion style with a casually careless vibe.


It’s universally acknowledged that nothing can be more elegant than clothing crafted out of linen and with more and more washes and time, they continue to get better. Linen shirts are highly demanded by people living in hot and humid regions. If you want a fabric that breathes and is more natural, then linen remains unbeatable. Modern men with refined choices always go for these shirts. With pure linen, more and more wrinkles are a problem, but if it’s blended linen such as bamboo-linen blend, it will wrinkle less and will be more comfortable, in fact, perfect on the skin.

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