4 Ways a Stylish Man Would Dress His Plaid Flannel Shirt

A man, who understands style, understands the significance of plaid flannel. And he understands that it can be exploited to create the best looks ever. Over the years, flannel has become the must-have piece of every man’s wardrobe, whether or not obsessed with fashion. It is a staple that has created hubbub in the industry for years. Even if the flannel is identified as stuff for the winters, designers have introduced enough tweaks to make it an all-weather item. Since summer is approaching and it is coming fast, here is mentioned a list of four looks, a la inspiration the fashionable men. Read on and use the flannel wisely.

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The Laid Back Way

Flannel can be dressed in numerous ways, with each being something great and effective. And when it comes to the ways, a plaid is one of the most laid back clothing pieces available. So by exploiting the flannel shirt, tie it around his waist. Wear it with a simple t-shirt in white, a pair of denim and a jacket casually thrown over. The flannel shirt acts as an accessory which you can flaunt with all its glory. And to complete the look use a pair of combat boots. Talk about being breezy and effective.

The Night in The Club Way

Plaid flannel adds character to any other outfit it is combined with. This opens it to a new territory of possibilities. Match the denim that complements the tone of the plaid shirt, which you can pick from a flannel shirt wholesale collection. Tuck in your shirt and use a statement belt to elevate the outfit. Make sure that the shirt fits you well so as to highlight your stature. A bomber jacket thrown over casually will give you the edgy effect perfect for a night club. Shoes should be picked with care, for instance a boot will be a good choice to give a nifty finish.

The Out With My Mates Way

Wholesale flannel shirts as available with popular manufacturers are constructed to complement the casual occasions to say the least. When going out with friends, you really don’t care about the look, but surely want to make a good impression. And flannel shirt again is the top choice here. Wear your flannel button down under a solid cardigan (not the thick one though), with the collar standing out as the hero. Team a solid pair of chinos and sneakers to get an effortless finish. With this ensemble you will definitely turn some heads and for all the right reasons.

The Formal Way

If you thought that plaid flannel would dump you hard on your face when it comes to formal wear, well you are wrong. A flannel shirt has you covered when it comes to dress smart. Just the right incorporation and you will look smart (not Einstein smart, but just smart). Use a solid suit to cover the shirt, a tie to add conventionalism, a pair of oxfords for the last bit of fundamentalism and bam, you are done. In fact, if you are invested in a lighter colour of suit, it can work the charm for you.

A man, who understands style, understands the significance of plaid flannel. Dressing this amazing stuff is of absolute importance. Follow the above given tips to look sharp. Reputed flannel shirts wholesale distributors have a plethora of them displayed as a part of their vast catalogue that can be accessed once register with them. Retailers can buy them in bulk at cheap prices.