4 Fabrics That You Need To Look Out For This Summer

The double digit temperatures are back (and we all are crying internally!). Hot days followed by uncomfortable nights are inevitable during the summers, but that necessarily does not mean you have strip off. You know the temptation to go down to vests and shorts work well at times, however, you cannot really wear that all the time (without being chased down the streets!). But clothing yourself from head to toe can be very unnerving when the temperature surges. For your better understanding, it is not about the clothes, it is about the fabric. If you get the fabric correct, you are golden!

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So to guide you and help you understand the different types of fabric that are perfect for the summer, here is a list given below. Read on and make a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

Cotton: The hero for comfort

Cotton fulfils the three As of the fashion industry- adaptability, affordability and availability. It is the most commonly used natural fibre in the world and in the construction of clothes. The comfort that one can derive from wearing a cloth crafted with cotton, till date, remains unparalleled. Breathable, soft and light weight, its ability to be worn throughout the year, makes it one of the most sought after fabrics. And its usability when the temperature rises is supreme. Cotton t-shirts in simple textures and modest designs are the most commonly used clothing piece nowadays.

Flannel: The style icon

When it comes to picking a fabric that is purely based on style, flannel is the unbeatable champion. With its origin that leads us back to 16th century Scotland, the fabric was mainly used to craft shirts for the outdoor workers so as to protect them from the harsh cold. In recent years, flannel has been tweaked enough to make it a year round material, the principal approach of it to add panache to the wearer’s appearance has been much appreciated, cementing its position as a staple in our wardrobes. Custom flannel shirts, which are a slight variation from the original ones, come in a variety of colours that is extremely versatile (for it can be styled in a number of ways), deeming it perfect even when the temperature soars high.

Silk: An unadulterated extravagance

Silk is that fabric which lets you forget that you are wearing anything (well, not literally but figuratively because it’s very light). Though silk is not considered practical by many men for hot summers, it does provide much needed cool. When vouching for silk falls flat on the face (sometimes it can be really uncomfortable) and when all the arguments fail, remember one thing- it looks good. It looks too good actually. So hanging out with friends in a cool shaded place or maybe clubbing in the evening, a silk shirt in darker hues can be a good choice, if you are a stickler for fashion over everything else, functionality to be specific.

Linen: The fine wine

So linen, that funky fabric that our father’s wear when barbecuing or the one that mom uses to as curtain. But wait! Linen clothes? For summer? Yes, friend that is happening too. Another natural fibre that is tough and weighs like feather or maybe lighter (with no exaggeration), and has no match when it comes to wicking moisture, linen is too good to avoid. It is everything that cotton offers and it is everything that cotton does not offer. So it is practically everything that we want for our wardrobes. A linen blazer available in an array of shades worn during the summer is the most comfortable you can get, sharp and sexy.

That is it! The key to being relaxed while looking your best lies not in anything else but the fabric of the cloth. Cotton and flannel shirts wholesale distributors have a variety of them displayed as a part of their vast catalogue that can be accessed by the retailers once registered with them online. Discounts on bulk purchase are also obtainable.



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