3 T Shirt Designs To Order In Bulk Because They Are Trending This Season!

Want to take advantage of the latest shirt trends?

Well, you now have the perfect opportunity. If you are tired of constantly having to come up with shirt ideas so that you could stay ahead of your competition, then you can rest for a while.

n this blog, we are going to take a look at the top 3 shirt designs that are going to help you drive your sales up and break the glass ceiling. Want to find out?

Let’s take a look at our top shirts wholesalers bulk orders pick:

1. Abstract Doodles On Tees

Are you a fan of abstract doodles on t shirts?

Then this one is definitely something you need for your collection. It has the look of a t shirt that would be a product of a permanent marker and a child. But that is exactly what clicks for this amazing design and it is trending right now.

So you better get in touch with the best manufacturing company today and make your abstract doodles on tees worth every penny. It is going to give your collection the kind of easy fun you need!

2. Repeating Captions On Your Tee

Need the best shirt manufacturer collection for your retail store t shirts?

Here’s one more addition to your list. The repeating tee is one of the most stylish options of out there and the caption repetition just makes it look young and funky! You could customize this template to make it a party t shirt to a hipster t shirt – all depending on the kind of caption you choose.

These t shirts come in a solid background color where the text is printed in a justified or centre aligned format with a neat font style. The font color is also chosen in high contrast with the background to give it a pop look!

3. The Retro Typography Print

When getting your shirts in bulk orders in, make sure you also get the retro typography t shirt. The font styles are fun, especially with the kind of beauty that retro fonts bring in the first place.

These designs are best carried out when the font color is pop against a white or light colored background.

That’s it!

Our top t shirt design picks for your shirt suppliers bulk order – get in touch with the very best wholesale partner right now and find out more about their collection!

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