3 Private Label Shirt Designs To Give You The Jamaican Essence!

Summer is almost here and the time for the beaches are knocking at the door. Culturally speaking, no one can enjoy beach vibe better than Jamaicans, because they literally invented it.

In this blog, we are going to bring you 3 private label shirt designs that you can include in your bulk orders to make it more appealing for summer. Want to find out what these are?

Once you do, get in touch with your private label t shirt manufacturer and make your bulk orders a lot more beach friendly. Now let’s take a look to know more:

1. Herb Color T Shirts

Marijuana is becoming legal in many states of USA, and more and more people are jumping on to the THC train. If you want to capitalize this market as a private label brand owner, then you have to use the herb colors.

Shirts and t shirts divided in green, yellow, and red make accepting and appreciative of the herb environment. If you want the best for your private label brand and want the beach t shirt designs to really catch on, then this is definitely what you need.

You could also have the herb logo in the middle of the t shirt – as that will add more to this niche design. Quotes like ‘herb is a way of life’, or ‘let nature heal you’ are popular for such motifs!

2. Introducing Marley

Want your private label t shirts wholesale to truly become a beach representation of the Jamaican culture? Then you need to introduce designs that go around Reggae legend Bob Marley, truth, peace, music, and levity.

Jamaicans are a warm culture that know how to have fun and are steeped into the idea of world music revolution. From bong hits to drum circles, this is what makes the culture so open – just like the ocean.

If you want your beach vibe to be just as great and your customers to like it, then the Marley motif is definitely something you should stick to!

3. Going For Traditional Prints

Traditional African prints are a big part of black heritage and the vibrant colors with intricate designs make for a very culturally enlightening experience. Traditional African prints are a massive way to get the attention of your customers to the beach collection.

It is vibrant, diverse, and seems more credible from a design perspective that most other options. Once you have made your collection complete with the traditional African beach prints, your collection is going to be that much more exciting.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a private label shirts manufacturer and find out more about what you can add to your Jamaican inspired beach fashion collection now!


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