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The Polos Are Meant to Be Worn Right

As the mercury starts to rise, it is time to bring out the sturdy, well-dress cousin of the t-shirt – the polo. When worn the right way, it’s the most laid-back way of looking put together and awesome. Hold your horses, if you wear the polos wrong, you can also end up looking absolutely ridiculous! Here is what you should look for when you are on a polo-shopping spree.

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Watch Out for Your Tooshie!

The polo shirt is traditionally worn longer in the back and shorter in the front so that it stays tucked in even when you are bending over. But when you are wearing it untucked, which is highly recommended, you would want to take the length of the shirt into consideration. Although avoid choosing shirts that covers more than half of your back pockets as that is a bit too long!

Avoid Going Too Deep

Once the length of the polo is up to your satisfaction, it is time to take a look at the buttons. A number of manufacturers offer pretty deep V polos which when kept unbuttoned is ‘too much information’ for everyone around. Look for polos that do not go too deep so that you can either choose to wear it buttoned or unbuttoned, according to your preference.

Ribbing on the Sleeves

This mainly boils down to personal preference as some would like no tension at the end of the sleeve while others would prefer the sleeves to hug them like a rubber band. If you are someone who takes an active interest in working out and staying fit and have put a lot of hard work in getting flashboard abs, then go for the ones that hug so that you can show off your biceps and triceps in full glory. But just make sure that you do not end up buying something that is so tight that it gives the impression your muscles are trying to break free.

Polos Are Great Single and Team Players

Polo shirts can be simply worn with a pair of jeans, trousers or chinos, or you could also opt to go the old school way and pair it up with a light sweater or jacket. This timeless piece of fashion will make one look good either way. Avoid having a lot going on because polos speak for themselves!

Polo shirts are meant to project the notion that you may or may not be on a boat in the next few hours. Search for designer and manufacturers offering polo shirts in fresh, trendy and innovative designs, prints and colors and purchase wholesale polo shirts in bulk rates.

Opting For Drop Shipping? Watch Out For These Hurdles

Drop shipping services can be a blessing to your online store for a very long list of reasons. Say for example, it is a breather for new e commerce business start-ups to start their process of expansion right from day 1. Being free of 3 of the most critical and taking tasks namely stocking, packing and shipping, can save the new and growing online stores a whole lot of time, money and energy. With a reliable and larger entity taking charge of these essentials, all that a store owner needs to do is focus on introducing more products to the catalogue and expand its scope of delivery.

Wholesale Dropshiper USA

Entrepreneurs / retailers / business dealing with lofty products like furniture, large equipments, heavy electronic appliances like TV, generator sets, air conditioners etc. can revel with drop shipping. The question is should these advantages be enough to shut your eyes and believe that all is well and leave it all to the drop-shippers? Being cautious always helps because drop-shopping may not always be as perfect as it sounds. Here are a few hurdles that may come in the way hampering the otherwise happy scheme of things…

Minimizing Your Brand Image – You could not have started a company without a brand image which you wish should reflect well before the buyers. However, when drop shippers take charge of the packing and shipping, the end product may reach the clients with the dominating sign of the drop shippers than that of your venture. This can compromise your exposure to a great extent.

Storage and Packing Slips – This is one of the most compelling reasons to choose your drop-shippers wisely with extreme caution. Considering the fact that it is the drop-shippers who will be packing and shipping your stock and you will not be around to supervise, you will also not be able to tell if something has gone awry till the time some complaint is received for the concerned order. The only way to overcome this issue is to ensure that your chosen providers are trustworthy. Drop shippers USA is recognized for being amply reliable in this respect.

Costs and Charges – While it is true that drop shipping helps in reducing your overall business cost, it certainly does not mean that the services come for free. Different drop shippers charge different costs for the services they offer which may also vary in the feature inclusions. It is imperative to understand the cost and package harmony before signing up for the services.

Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Have Introduced A Wealth Of Checked Shirts

The world has woken up to the magic of checks again, and if your store is falling short of this timeless charm, it may be time to wake up and act. Checked shirts are in this season and as always, is expected to last in terms of fashion quotient for years to come. From bold checks to compact gingham, to bright contrasts to self checks, there is everything that your store could shine with. Proactive wholesale clothing suppliers have already taken up the cause and are ready with innumerable checked shirts solutions to offer. To ensure making the best of the deal, here is how you can approach the wholesalers for just the right stock for your store…

Wholesale Shirts Supplier

Your cool and casual section – Summer is in with a bang and this is perhaps the best time to enhance your cool and casual clothing section. Approaching the right wholesale clothing suppliers for checked flannel shirts in summer color combinations can be a great idea. You can bank on the ever fresh and vibrant Madras checks and bold tartan plaid checks to attract eyes to your collection.

You don’t necessarily have to stock up on half sleeves because they seem more applicable for the season. In fact, roll-up full sleeves are more in demand. You can also stock a sizable collection of sleeveless checked shirts which are literally whipping up a storm this summer.

Your office-wear section – Stripes, bold and neutrals can be given a backseat this year as far as office wear is concerned. Many reputed wholesale clothing suppliers have introduced irresistible options of pleasant gingham’s, self colored window-pane checks and even pin checks in shirts for office wear. You can choose pastel shades in light green, sunny yellows, the classic blues and whites for giving your store a classy touch. Gingham’s and pin checks apply wonderfully for both men’s wear as well as women’s wear with equal impact.

Checked pant-suits and skirt suits for women have literally become a craze at this very moment. Stocking up on these options will do your store a very big favor.

Ladies Shirt Dresses – Shirt dresses have been very popular with women since decades and this is one of those options that will never go out of style. Shirt dresses in appropriate checks are applicable both as office wear and casual wear. A collection of tartan plaid checked shirts can carry the potential of enhancing your sale manifold.

Dropshipping And Its Various Advantages

Dropshipping is a type of retail method where a store does not stock the products that it is supposed to sell. Instead, when a customer asks for a particular product, the store purchases it from some third party supplier who then ships it directly to the customer’s provided address. In this procedure, the merchant never handles or sees the product. The most important difference between the standard retail procedures and dropshipping is that is that a selling merchant does not own or stock the inventory but only purchases the inventory from third party suppliers like a manufacturer or a wholesaler.

Drop Shipping Clothing Wholesalers

Choosing to dropship wholesale clothing to the customer directly instead of dealing with the inventory has a number of advantages. These are as follows:

•  For an upcoming merchant who is looking to start an online clothing business, there can be nothing more beneficial than dropshipping as it requires very little capital. Traditionally in most cases, a retailer needs to spend a lot of money buying inventory for his store. However, with this method the retailer does not have to buy a product from a supplier unless the customer has already made the payment. This allows a retailer or merchant to run a business with very little money.

•  As this process does not require a retailer to deal with bulk amounts of physical goods, it makes starting a business fairly easy. With this method, a retailer does not need to worry about managing a warehouse, tracking inventory for the purpose of accounting, packing and shipping the orders, handling inbound shipments and returns or managing stock levels.

•  The method of dropshipping makes it possible for a retailer to run his business from any location as it does not have the constraints that comes from maintaining a warehouse or a fixed address.

Tips On Choosing The Best Drop Shipping Companies

Drop shippers purchase goods from manufacturers and then ship them directly to the customers. For many online retailers, it is the perfect way of running a business as it does not involve the management of a large inventory or warehouse. The retailer simply needs to charge a customer amount and pay a wholesale price. The basis of a successful drop shipping business is a network of reliable drop shipping companies. While there are many drop shipping companies in USA, you need to know how to pick the very best from them. Here are some tips on selecting the best drop shipping companies for your business.

Drop Shipping Apparel Clothing

  • Attend various retail trade shows and get acquainted with product manufacturers and/or their representatives. You can ask the exhibitors if they provide dropshipping services or whether they can refer someone for you. If you find someone who can provide you such services, have a look at their products and register as distributor for them in case you find the products of good quality.
  • You can also make a list of companies that offer drop shipping services from visiting various online resources and do some research on what kind of products they deal with and their reliability.
  • Selectively choose the segment of people or audience that you want to cater to and then choose suppliers who can offer you products relevant for that segment. In this way you can have an edge over your competitors and progressively enhance your business prospects.
  • Ask your suppliers about their fees and see whether their services involve any additional charges. You should look for those who do not ask you of any payments beyond the general costs of the orders.
  • Try to know about how your suppliers get their products. The suppliers may directly deal with the manufacturers or purchase goods through brokers.

The Exciting Benefits Offered by Drop Shippers

The Ecommerce platform is booming and people nowadays can purchase everything from a house, clothes to groceries. If you are thinking about starting your own online fashion clothing business and hoping that it would become a huge success, then locating good suppliers and drop shippers to work with is critical and you do find one, then half your battle is won. Drop shipping is a lucrative way to jump start your business and the perfect drop shipper can make your profits grow tremendously. But there are so many drop shipping companies available in the market today that it becomes difficult to separate the good from the bad. The only way to find the right one would be through extensive research. Once you’ve located the company suiting your business requirements, you will be benefitting in the following ways.

Drop Shipping Clothing Manufacturer

No Need to Buy or Store Inventory

The drop shipper’s product gallery is going to act like your own and you do not need to pre-purchase any of the products that you are offering to your customers. Neither do you have to take the trouble of storing up the purchased products and delivering it to your consumers. The entire headache of designing, manufacturing and shipping is taken care of by the drop shipping company that you have partnered with. Not having to own a warehouse or inventory considerably saves you a huge amount of money which would have otherwise been tied up in managing a huge inventory.

Startup Cost is Low

With the help of drop shipping companies, starting an online clothing business is as easy as a pie. You do not need a proper establishment or infrastructure and neither do you need to invest a huge amount of money. You can start operating your business right from your home or from a home office without having to take on extra expenses because the entire manufacturing and shipping processes are handled by the drop shipper. All you have to do is take the orders from your customers and forward the same to the drop ship company.

Product Offerings Can Be Quickly Changed

Since you do not actually have an inventory and neither have you purchased the products displayed for sale, you can easily and quickly add or change the products being offered to keep up with the changing fashion trends.

Lower Risk Involved

Your money is not tied up in any warehouse or inventory and you can freely change from one business to other if you feel that this isn’t working out for you. You do not have to worry about getting rid of huge products because you do not actually own any.

Entrepreneurs and new business owners can greatly benefit by entering into an agreement with a good drop shipping company. If you still haven’t had the time to explore this area, it is time you do.

Lucrative Benefits Offered by Drop Ship Clothing Suppliers

Are you interested in running your own fashion clothing store but do not have the proper infrastructure or capital? Resort to the services offered by leading and renowned drop ship clothing suppliers USA. Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique that allows you to buy products from the manufacturers and wholesalers and send it directly to your customers, eradicating the need of stocking or even owning a product inventory. All you need to do is find the right supplier that can meet your business requirement, become a partner and list its merchandise for sale. Once you start receiving orders from your customers, you forward it to the supplier for fulfillment, who will then ship the products directly from its warehouse to your consumers. Scroll down to know how you can benefit from this arrangement.

Drop Shipping Clothing Wholesalers

Capital Requirement is Lower

There is no need to invest thousands of money in managing an inventory because all your product requirements will be taken care of by the drop ship supplier.

Great Selection of Products

Since you do not have to pre-purchase every item that you sell, you can provide your customers with a large selection of options. Though, this is only possible if you partner with the right supplier supplying you with a plethora of design and style options, along with opportunities for customization.

Low Risk Involved

If your clothing business does not exactly work out the way you had hoped, you will not be stuck with thousands of products in your inventory that you would otherwise have to sell at a loss.

Free of Location Dependency

With no headache of managing a warehouse or inventory, you can change the location of your business as and when it pleases you. The fulfillment of the orders are done by the drop ship supplier that you have chosen and hence, you can conduct business from anywhere with just a laptop and a working internet or phone connection.

Low Overhead Cost

The drop ship clothing suppliers USA take on all the headache of designing and manufacturing products right till the shipment of the same to your customers. This means that you do not have to hire employees or build a brick and mortar store. You can practically work from your home without having to take on any extra expenses.

If you have been harboring the wish of owning your own clothing business but have not been able to act due to various limitations, then this is the time to put some serious consideration into partnering up with a manufacturer and wholesaler offering drop shipping services and be on your way to quick success.