Opting For Manufacturing? Watch Out For These Hurdles

Manufacturing services can be a blessing to your online store for a very long list of reasons. Say for example, it is a breather for new e commerce business start-ups to start their process of expansion right from day 1. Being free of 3 of the most critical and taking tasks namely stocking, packing and shipping, can save the new and growing online stores a whole lot of time, money and energy. With a reliable and larger entity taking charge of these essentials, all that a store owner needs to do is focus on introducing more products to the catalogue and expand its scope of delivery.

Entrepreneurs / retailers / business dealing with lofty products like furniture, large equipments, heavy electronic appliances like TV, generator sets, air conditioners etc. can revel with manufacturing. The question is should these advantages be enough to shut your eyes and believe that all is well and leave it all to the manufacturers? Being cautious always helps because manufacturing may not always be as perfect as it sounds.

Here are a few hurdles that may come in the way hampering the otherwise happy scheme of things…

Minimizing Your Brand Image – You could not have started a company without a brand image which you wish should reflect well before the buyers. However, when manufacturers take charge of the packing and shipping, the end product may reach the clients with the dominating sign of the manufacturers than that of your venture. This can compromise your exposure to a great extent.

Storage and Packing Slips – This is one of the most compelling reasons to choose your manufacturers wisely with extreme caution. Considering the fact that it is the manufacturers who will be packing and shipping your stock and you will not be around to supervise, you will also not be able to tell if something has gone awry till the time some complaint is received for the concerned order. The only way to overcome this issue is to ensure that your chosen providers are trustworthy. Clothing manufacturers is recognized for being amply reliable in this respect.

Costs and Charges – While it is true that true manufacturing partner helps in reducing your overall business cost, it certainly does not mean that the services come for free. Different manufacturers charge different costs for the services they offer which may also vary in the feature inclusions. It is imperative to understand the cost and package harmony before signing up for the services.

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