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3 Ways to Wear a Simple Striped T-Shirt

Stripes are “in” this year. Everywhere you look, you will see interesting stripes on t shirts, shirts and what not! Women all over are creating their unique fashion statement with different types of stripes. That is why t shirts with this type of prints have become a must-have item for any woman’s wardrobe. Stripes are, after all, classic and they are never going to go out of fashion. That is why simple striped t shirts are probably the best investment that you can make fashion wise. A great addition to your wardrobe, striped t shirts are great as casual wear. Let us take a look at the three ways you can wear these casual t shirts to look fabulous:

Striped tee and jacket/jeans combo:

Of course, another wardrobe staple is jeans! If you love wearing jeans, you will practically never waste time thinking what to wear when going out on causal gatherings. You can wearing your striped t-shirt with jeans and complete the look with a cute and bright colored jacket. Since both the striped tee and jeans are pretty casual, wearing a bright colored jacket will jazz up your appearance without making you look like a colorful clown! So this is actually a good idea to mix and match these items when wearing the striped t shirt.

Striped T-Shirt

Striped t-shirt with a vest:

A good looking vest is an asset for any wardrobe, be a man’s or a woman’s. These items are rare, and finding one means you are lucky! So, if you do get your hands on a great vest, make sure you bag it and make it yours. You can wear the stylish leather vest over the striped t-shirt. You may either wear jeans or a casual black skirt to complement the look. Although this is a simple yet elegant summer look, it carries an oomph as the black adds a bit of boldness to the character.

Striped t-shirt with a sweater:

While many of us have tried this look, many other have sworn by it! But when you redo this style this year, remember there needs to be a splash of color as this year’s fashion trends point in that direction. Make sure the sweater is in baby pink or black in color. Most importantly, it needs to be bold in color and appearance. It will balance the low tone look of the striped tee.

Are You Wearing Your Denim Shirts Right

There are certain materials existent on earth today that have a reputation of being just as devastating as it is advantageous. Uranium, plutonium and certain other nuclear thingamajigs form only the tip of the ice berg. When you look deeper, there are things even more complex, like DENIM. Yes. Denim is the two faced Janus that can make you the talk of the town in a good way or in bad. This is one of those accomplishments in the world of fabric that has the power to grant you the look of the season or make you the eye sore that will make the onlookers curse the day denim was made available on a general basis.

And when the matter is about denim shirts, cautiousness about wearing it right must increase even further. There was a craze among the populace when these shirts were introduced a few decades ago in the world of acceptable fashion, to wear denim on denim and that too in the same or similar shades. As evolution took its course, this is something that is no longer acceptable and one may just pass as tested and ok wearing a denim jumpsuit that be seen draped in such mono shade horrors.

Wholesale denim shirts
Certain high quality wholesale denim shirts providers have also woken up to this fact and thus, have introduced a range of options that is likely to suit and complement whatever bottom wear you choose to wear with the same. The rule today is to sport denim shirts with a range of different materials like cotton / flannel skirts, shorts, dresses and different varieties of pants. If you wish to team denim with denim, please do yourself a favor by opting for different shades and preferably different textures. If however, you are bent on wearing the same shades, it is imperative that you wear your attitude right and carry off the outcome with flamboyance.

Find the Fabric Facts behind your Fabulous Check Shirts

Do you really know your favorite check shirts that well? Perhaps not! Relax; here is a chance to learn some excelling facts about your wardrobe staple. So next time, do your shirt shopping with head held high. Stylists untiringly have woven our shirts selecting from a variation of checks fabrics, innovating newer style patterns in the realm of fashionable shirts. Sometimes amalgamation of different patterns enhances the story behind selecting an eye arresting shirt, now destined in your wardrobe.

Check Shirts
The check variations

Gingham: This pattern was first time introduced in the early 17th century which was later in 18th century woven into check pattern. So how will you identify this kind? They usually are differentiated by their white and colored checkered pattern that is evenly sized forming horizontal and vertical strips.

Tartan plaid: Predominantly found on Scottish kilts, these Tartan plaids forms different sized checks. These plaids form vertical, horizontal or diagonal streaks and is done with twill-weave. So when you pick your favorite casual shirts you will be delighted to know a little more about them.

Shepherd’s check: This type of fabric too is a twill-weave but are even sized and mostly offered in white and colored options. If you confuse them with gingham plaids see for the twill-weave and you will know the difference. Mostly worn by the shepherds in the hills, it has derived its name that way.

Hounds tooth: The best way to know what hound’s-tooth checks are to see the broken pointy shaped formation. Conventionally woven in white and black, these days it would be common to spot these plaids in colorful shirts.

Glen Plaid or Prince of Wales Checks: Go back and pull out your blazer and suits. Yes! this check shirt style is mostly used in them. This type of plaid pattern to are woven in twills and has distinct broken checks but the there is an intersection of darker and lighter stripes crossing forming bigger and smaller checks.

Window pane checks: You have guessed it right. They will remind you of your window panes! These are easy to identify because of the thicker stripes that are woven distantly if you compare these with your graph checked shirts.

Graph check: This check style form smaller boxes resembling the graph line papers, featuring thinner, solid and monochromatic lines.

Mini check: The check formation is much smaller than the gingham checks forming similar even sized checks. Mostly woven with white and colored combination they are dressier than the common larger checks.

Tattersall’s: If you are a lover of striped shirts, check this out. You will see them in alternating colors with regular spaced stripes and replicated vertically and horizontally. You will see more than two colors in this shirt style.

Pin check: As the name suggests, these check patterns are created with pin sized stripes approximately measuring 1 yearn thick and resulting in tiny check formation. Don’t get confused with your dotted shirts. Like most shorts they are also woven in one white and colored combination. It gives your shirt a solid texture effect.

Madras: Last but not the least, this fabric originating from the South Indian state Chennai, which was formerly known as Madras, these check style is very bright offering colors to style and ideal summer fabrics. They distinctively form uneven checks. Popular in shorts and shirts these are very preppy and peppy patterns.

So, shop more from any online store of a top manufacturer or from or your favorite arcade of the fashion street without much doubt and more knowledge about the checkered shirts!