3 Ways to Wear a Simple Striped T-Shirt

Stripes are “in” this year. Everywhere you look, you will see interesting stripes on t shirts, shirts and what not! Women all over are creating their unique fashion statement with different types of stripes. That is why t shirts with this type of prints have become a must-have item for any woman’s wardrobe. Stripes are, after all, classic and they are never going to go out of fashion. That is why simple striped t shirts are probably the best investment that you can make fashion wise. A great addition to your wardrobe, striped t shirts are great as casual wear.

Let us take a look at the three ways you can wear these casual t shirts to look fabulous:

Striped tee and jacket/jeans combo:

Of course, another wardrobe staple is jeans! If you love wearing jeans, you will practically never waste time thinking what to wear when going out on causal gatherings. You can wearing your striped t-shirt with jeans and complete the look with a cute and bright colored jacket. Since both the striped tee and jeans are pretty casual, wearing a bright colored jacket will jazz up your appearance without making you look like a colorful clown! So this is actually a good idea to mix and match these items when wearing the striped t shirt.

Striped t-shirt with a vest:

A good looking vest is an asset for any wardrobe, be a man’s or a woman’s. These items are rare, and finding one means you are lucky! So, if you do get your hands on a great vest, make sure you bag it and make it yours. You can wear the stylish leather vest over the striped t-shirt. You may either wear jeans or a casual black skirt to complement the look. Although this is a simple yet elegant summer look, it carries an oomph as the black adds a bit of boldness to the character.

Striped t-shirt with a sweater:

While many of us have tried this look, many other have sworn by it! But when you redo this style this year, remember there needs to be a splash of color as this year’s fashion trends point in that direction. Make sure the sweater is in baby pink or black in color. Most importantly, it needs to be bold in color and appearance. It will balance the low tone look of the striped tee.


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