Why And How To Sport Men’s Flannel Shirts?

Demand for Men’s flannel shirts wholesale will never fade away. A delightful, but unsurprising fact for all the clothes business owners, of course. The reasons behind this are some conventional, as well as unconventional believes and preferences.

Let’s elaborate.


Comfortable – flannel is a warm fabric, made from 100% cotton fibers. In its production process, it is heavily brushed, adding softness and lightness to it. This makes the overall flannel shirts very comfortable and smooth on skin.

Fashionable – Flannel shirts manufacturers are offering heaps of varieties in flannel shirts. From different colour combinations like blue and black, grey and black, maroon and white and much more, to different patterns like tartan, windowpane check, glen plaid, and madras – there are plenty of options.


Impress girls – It is no surprise that girls dig guys with good fashion sense. That being said, here’s an insider from guy’s core group- one just can’t pull James Bond’s tux, so it’s a popular belief that good plaids sport with better bottoms works like a charm in getting ladies. Evidently, a controversial and debatable belief, yet very prevalent. Hence the ‘unconventional’ tag!

How to sport flannel shirts?

After talking about ‘Why’, it is very crucial to understand how a guy should wear and carry plaid shirts properly. Of course it’s not a science theory- complicated and difficult to understand. But here are few pointers.

Bottoms – Flannel shirts look best when combined with jeans. Dark and little ripped, to be precise. They go well with the khaki pants too. But never wear them with denim shorts or capris. It just doesn’t go well with each other.

Unbuttoned – Plaid are one of those few tops that looks amazing if left unbuttoned. And when unbuttoned, wear a light tee inside. But in case if you are in a formal event or place and have to button it, then always tuck it in.

Sleeves – Not to imitate Barack Obama and his plain shirts style, but always roll up the sleeves. Don’t ask why, just do it. Everyone looks much better.

With so many reasons and so many ways to sport cool yet formal flannel shirts, there is not much reason why people today will not buy them. So if you trade in clothes, stash wholesale flannel shirts in your stock from trusted manufacturer and be prepared to satisfy your customers more sufficiently.

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