What You Need To Know About Wearing Plaid

Love the person that you have become and start dressing for the ‘new bold you’ by adding patterns like plaid to your everyday closet. It is true that learning to dress outside of your comfort zone can be a bit scary but actually there is nothing to worry as it’s not as frightening as you think. It gives a huge confidence boost and as you are continuously evolving as a person, why shouldn’t your style change as well? Still looking for some extra support?

Follow the few useful tips covered below on how you can effortlessly dress in plaids particularly the plaid shirts and all that you need to know about them.

What’s plaid?

If bold patterns are not your thing then plaid is the perfect choice for you. When trying to define plaid, it’s basically a pattern created by stripes and bars of color that cross at squares. Remember while picking a plaid shirt, it doesn’t have to be a hue or sharp color because at the end of the day it’s just a pattern. So you can go for something smaller like the gingham if you are not into large checks. If you want to look pretty without being loud then go for a subtle plaid like herringbone.

Mix and match with other patterns

You can of course mix patterns like plaids and stripes. It’s tricky but it’s possible. A suggestion here would be to layer patterns that at least share similar colors. Just see to it that they aren’t too matching matching.

How to start wearing plaid as a beginner?

Based on your plaid item, build your outfit by teaming it with other neutral pieces black or brown, white and grey. As you do this, you choose where the eyes should be drawn, thus making your plaid clothing item the most attractive piece of your attire. For an instance, if you wear plaid shirts then make sure to style it with the black skinny jeans, adding leopard flats for a flare.

Not all plaid shirts are flannels

One of the most asked questions today is “are all plaids flannels?” Well, the answer is no. The trusted and top grade manufacturers now offer the beloved bulk plaid shirts in a variety of cuts, fabrics and styles. The long sleeves button down cotton plaid shirts come in a wide selection of patterns and colors including blocking checks, vibrant plaids, all of which look great when tucked into a pair of high rise jeans. By the way, you can consider mixing a bright plaid button down shirt with a leather miniskirt this fall. Add ankle boots to your look and get ready to make heads turn your way!

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