What Little Boys Can Wear For The Winter Wedding – Formally Charming!

Wedding celebrations are regarded to be one of the most formal events blessed with full of fancy charm. Everyone starts shopping well in advance to dress up in an exclusive wear and look their best. And the kids around overwhelm the occasion with their cute grace and adorably fancy formal dresses.

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This post will talk about the little prince’s most fetched formal wear selection from shirts, bow-tie, two piece, fitted pants and other cute embellishing materials. Let the little cherub and kids look more inspiring this winter wedding with the latest kids formal wear wholesale collection limited label clothing chosen from the global designing and manufacturing companies.

A Bluish Grey Big Buttoned Blazer and Pant Suit with a Basic Blue Tee

The monochrome look for kids is elegant and elite. It can be a sophisticated formal wear and give him and edgy appeal. The blazer inspired collar and big black button styling on the suit will be fascinating.  There could be some patch work in the shades of blue around the waist pockets for a peppy notch up!

Rolled Up Black Coat in Cool Contrasting Shirt or T Shirt

While a modern fit black suit can enjoy a sleek grey tinged shirt and teamed with a small black tie to match up the black pant suit and fitted trousers. Since it will be winter you can get him layered with a bright red three quarter warming t-shirt inside. The snug feel will keep him comfortable and cozy while become an iconic fashion appeal, giving the formal wear and fashionable tweak.

Little prince will be the new age charmer in a cute single ton pink t shirt with designer black rib on the neckline.  Here a faded suede or cushy velvet blazer can be teamed with pulled up fitted sleeves, showing off the pink sleeves, which will make a handsome cuffing over the blazer sleeves. To keep the dress semi-formal suave outlook, add another color to the dress, may be light washed gray denim.

Black and White Pant Coat Classy Look with A Neon Green Tie

To give the sophisticated debonair appeal a sleek party feel you can use a classic two piece or a three piece pant suit and accessorize it with a vibrant shaded big daddy tie like neon green.  There are various way to notch up this combination.

Pick only the waist coat of black and layer it above the simple light checked rolled up sleeves shirt and use either a jet black heavy washed fitted jeans or a modern fit blacker suit trousers in well tapered narrowed stitch. Then use the funky big tie breaking the formal dress code convention.

Another styling option is to keep the black pant suit ideal and team it with the classic white shirt but while a black bow tie gives an iconic classy charm, it can be pepped up using the flashy fluorescent big tie. Keep the polished tie-lace black shoes available if you are using a black trouser and incase of the denim bottoms without the suit, a sports shoe will be a spunk idea.

All In White Notched In Black Bow Tie and Rounded Black Goggles

A Two piece luxurious white bearer’s suit or white tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and classic fit white formal suit pants will just let him effortlessly steal the show. And of course the highlight of the formal wear will be a black bow tie matching the black rounded vintage goggles. A white round toe and tie-lace shoe will be the best pair for the dress code. Some of the kids formal wear wholesale collection in full white suits gets a deft chest pocket patch work to integrate designer stance with sophistication.


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