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US Open 2023 Is Here! – Why Tiafoe & Others Love The ‘Game-Friendly’ Polo Shirts

US Open 2023, the final Grand Slam of the year, has finally begun! The tennis stars are expected to provide a fantastic experience to fans all around the world, and by beating wildcard learner Tien 6-2, 7-5, 6-1, No. 10 Seed and 2022 semi-finalist, Frances Tiafoe Jr. has already got the show on the road yesterday!

The American professional tennis player successfully reached the second round of the prestigious US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York yesterday evening and every Tiafoe fan is overjoyed with the news. Ranked No. 10, the 25-year-old will now be seen playing against Austrian player Sebastian Ofner tomorrow.

Other than sporting Tennis tees, Tiafoe has often been seen playing in polo shirts.

Men’s love for this age-old garment is evident in almost every tennis match. But why? What’s so special about it that tennis stars, be it the rising ones or the veterans can’t seem to get enough about them? Let’s understand the reasons.

Why polo shirts?

Well, to begin with, this particular piece of performance wear has been there for nearly a century. Did you know that the polo shirt originally had its debut in the US Open? There have been countless versions of it but the shirt has been an important part of the sport for a long time.

The version that you see the players in today came much later. In the early 20th C, with a fairly strict dress code, tennis players were needed to wear long-sleeved, starched oxford shirts, often with ties! The 7-time Grand Slam champion, Rene Lacoste, with a solid reputation and will, challenged the traditions.

He was in favor of a more comfortable, short-sleeve style of shirt to wear on the court as the lightweight, breathable style would allow unmatched freedom of movement. And, Lacoste soon came up with the ideal polo shirt for himself and astonished the audience with his new relaxed piece as he easily went on with his consecutive US Open wins in 1926 and 1927.

After his retirement, partnering with a French apparel company, he started selling them and like this, it almost became a uniform for all competing players on the tennis court. Of course, over the years, modifications were seen on it.

The wholesale polo shirt manufacturers now create these shirts with raglan sleeves that offer the ultimate ease of movement. Constructed out of special fabrics, these shirts help regulate the body temperature and keep the players feeling dry and fresh without making them look too technical. And, super lightweight and breathable, they make sure that the players don’t suffer any kind of discomfort and can truly focus on the game.

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